Wednesday, April 25, 2012

14/30: 5 Strengths

{If you're wondering what these lists are for check out my first post here}

1. I care. I care about people, sometimes to a fault. I care when they don't care about me, I care when I barely know you. I also like to take care of people, make sure they are ok emotionally and that their needs are met.  This is what I know will make me a good mom, if ever the time comes.

2. Sweet Treats. Baking is one of my talents. This also goes along with #1, one of the ways I try to make people feel better or show them my appreciation is baking for them.  Chocolate Chip cookies are my speciality.  In another life, I would open a bakery.

3. I'm really organized. This is a manifestation of my OCD.  I love color coding, schedules, and to do lists.

4. I'm a great listener. This goes along with #1, I really like to hear people's experiences and learn from them.  It's a great tool for your own life.  If you notice that you do not like something that someone does in your life, reflect that back on yourself and see what you might be projecting onto that person or their actions.

5. I enjoy options. One of the things I got out of law school, other than a large fancy piece of paper and some student loan payments, was that I have a keen ability to find multiple answers to one question.  Now that I think about it, this is probably why I hate math.  Creativity and the ability to look at things on multiple levels, has enabled me to succeed in many a project.  I like to have plans a-z, with parts 1-20.