Thursday, July 16, 2009

It has been too long! (life update)

A lot has happened since I last posted. I went to Michigan had a great time seeing Emily and Ryan and hanging out. We did feel old becuase we didn't go to any of our old campus hangouts, because we've been graduated for 2 years so we felt out of place!

Coldplay was amazing... it was Em's first concert and now she might be ruined for all other shows! The band came up to a small stage that was about 12 rows in front of us! There really are no words to describe how AWESOME it was!

After that I just came home and worked at the UOP!

The 4th was really fun. I worked all day and then headed up to Snowbird for Alyssa's Bachlorette Party! It was a great time but I was SOOO tired the next day (I'm not used to staying up til 3am, much less dancing like a crazy person til then)

Cassie and I moved last Friday we now live in an apartment complex south of where we lived before. We are already loving the light and ceiling height in our new place...

I also got a new job this week! One of my friends from Michigan who also happens to go to SJQ College of Law emailed me saying the firm she works for was looking to hire someone to help with this really big case they have, and I got the job! I am really excited for the experience of actually working as a law clerk and I am so grateful that I have great friends... My last day full time at the UOP will be Friday July 24, and then I will work two additional weekends (8/1 and 2; 8/8 and 9) and then I will be done at the park forever... I've said that before!

Monday was a big day, I found out I got the job at the law firm and I had a retreat for my other job at the Athletic Dept. Over the school year I will be working for the University of Utah Athletic Department in the Compliance Office. I am excited because its a non traditional legal carrer that could really work with my undergrad degree (sport management for those who didnt know)... I think that I am going to get along with everyone there and I am excited about the work that I will be doing. It was a good preview of what the fall will be like--busy and fun!

So that is what I have been up too for the past two months! Up next: Tia's wedding tomorrow night, The Fray on Saturday, Chuck and Brittnie's wedding next weekend, Alyssa's wedding August 15, Nicole and Osiris' reception-August 15, and last but not least Angie's wedding September 12!