Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Year in Review: 2009

2009 started with Cassie's brother Matt's wedding in Midway Utah. It was a beautiful day which ended in dinner with friends and learning what our personalities were! I also started the year entering my second semester of law school, taking the seminal classics: Criminal, Constitutional, and property law. I felt a like I knew a little more of what was going on, however I wouldn't know how well I did until midway through the month... This month brought the 50th birthday of my dad! I was still working at the UOP doing Winter Comet bobsled rides, and getting ready for World Cup in February...

Began with my 24th birthday, celebrated with friends, and at the Revelli's :) I also met a great guy in February during World Cup. I met Steve Holcomb (he drives bobsled USA 1, otherwise known as the NightTrain), we went out that night and became good friends over the course of the year. I can't wait to cheer him on in another month during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver! More work occurred in Feb, and the semester was half over! I also got a job for the 2009-2010 school year this month. I was hired as the Graduate Assistant for the University of Utah Athletics Office of Compliance! I was really excited but little did I know what this job would bring!

Cassie's 23rd birthday, as well as her brother's Bryce and Adam and Adam and Steph's wedding anniversary. Cas and I also went to St. George for Spring Break. We stayed at the Johnson's awesome house down there (thanks Johnsons!) and we went to Vegas for a day to walk around the strip, gamble a little and shop of course :) Steve ended up winning the 2009 World Championships for 4-man bobsled. This was really awesome not only because it was the last race before the Olympic season but because the US hadn't won a gold in 4-man bobsled in EXACTLY 50 years! He was in town again for sled testing at the end of spring break and then he headed out until October :(

Was a great month in the Smith family... Josh turned 22, and most importantly, he graduated from Drug Court! I was so proud of him because we'd been through a long hard battle with drug court and he grew so much during that time, I can't even adequately explain it! This meant that he could move out of the state of Utah and didn't have to take multiple drug tests every week! Mom came out to celebrate his graduation, while I was in the middle of finals...

I finished my first year of law school! I went back to work at the UOP, because of my lack of ability to find a law related job... Tia Masters Nelson becomes my partner in crime in the Comet Store and begins her tenure as my life coach :)

At the end of May-beginning of June, I went to Michigan to hang out with one of my best friends Emily! We hung out and went out all around Ann Arbor. It was weird to be in Ann Arbor, it made me feel really old, but it was great. I love that place and always will :) Em and I also went to Coldplay! It was an amazing concert and was such a great experience :) I think we are going to try to make this an annual event, we love us some Chris Martin! After that I worked the month away at the UOP...

I worked mostly at the UOP, but a friend from Michigan who graduated from Utah Law in the spring emailed me and offered me an interview at her firm, doing review of some documents for a case. I jumped at that opportunity and started working at Stirba and Associates the last week in July. We also had a Compliance retreat, and I learned more about my new job for the school year!

Worked a lot at the firm and realized how awesome it is going to be when I am practicing law! Lawyers make bank, people :) School started the last week of this month. One of my best friends Alyssa Johnson, became Alyssa Kaldahl on August 15

I started my new job at the Athletic department and realized that my new boss was pretty much my soul mate! We love the same things and have the same opinion on most things, you really don't want to get us going because we are a little crazy when we are together! I think that Kate's boss, and my other boss, Kyle, realized that we are a force together and man can we get stuff done :) Another one of my friends got married, Angie Bastian, became Angie Fairbanks, on September 12

Bobsled season started on October 1 and Steve was in town for Team Trials (he didn't have to race because he won the world championships so he gets a bye onto the Olympic team). He had to entertain the Sega execs that were also in town so we got to hang out when he was done schmoozing :) Over fall break I went down to St. George with some friends to go see Aida at Tuachan, and outdoor theater in Southern Utah. It was amazing! Such a great play and a fantastic atmosphere... Not bad company either! Micah turned 2!

Was a very busy month! It seems like every weekend there was something going on! Park City hosted the first World Cup of the year, I thought up a new way to stop skeleton sleds, and won over the hearts of the skeleton jury. I met lots of new people and I want their jobs :) Steve didn't do so well in PC. He took 4th in the 2 man and 7th in the 4 man. After Park City the NightTrain headed to Lake Placid and they did way better, Steve won the 4 man and took 2nd in the 2 man... The bigger story of Lake Placid was our friend John Napier placing 1st in the 2 man and 2nd in the 4 man, increasing his chances of going to the Olympics! Way to go Napes!! Of course New Moon came out this month! And we went to my Great Grandmas for Thanksgiving (See pictures in previous post). After thanksgiving I pretty much had a mental breakdown because I was 100% unprepared for the end of the semester!

I am half way through with law school! I got one of the best Christmas presents EVER from my boss! An entire basket of purple princess goodies!! I can't even wait to get back to work and enjoy my presents :) Including business cards that describe me as the "Intern Princess" which by the way is SO true! Spent 3 weeks in Florida and Mississippi with my family. My dad renovated two closets in my grandpa's house to make one big pantry, and he loved it! I helped paint and got it all over, including in my hair! My good friend Tia had her baby on New Years Eve, they named him Nakoa Blue Nelson! He is so adorable and I can't wait to go meet him! Also Cassie's brother Matt and his wife Rachel had a baby, her name is Majia Ciara Revelli, because she was born on Cassie's sister Ciara's birthday! Steve did very well this month in Italy and Germany, he placed 1st, 1st and 2nd, in 4 man and did equally well in 2 man! Can't wait for the last three races of World Cup and the OLYMPICS!

I can't remember what month it was but I skated in an Ice Show with some of my friends that I skated with in High school! It was so much fun!