Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not just for bebes

Hear me out....

I know it says baby lotion right on the front, but who's skin is said to be the softest?  Baby's bottoms!  So why not use the lotion that is made for those bottoms to improve your skin?

I was turned onto this fantastic idea by my amazing friend Katie.  She had in Colorado Springs this summer and at first I was skeptical but after a few days of trying it out I was SOLD.  BEST. IDEA. EVER.

If you don't want to smell like a snuggly soft baby get the lotion in the yellow bottle, its unscented.  Today I couldn't fined the yellow bottle so I got the pink one.  The fragrance isn't that strong and if anything it smells fresh.  Also I typically use this right out of the shower or if I am going to wear a skirt with bear legs.  Splash on some perfume if you are heading out the door and you won't even notice the scent!

ENJOY this tip from myself and Kates!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Micah-man!

One of my favorite kids turns 3 today!  I can't believe he is so old, I remember going to his first birthday party, I had just started law school, was feeling slightly overwhelmed and had no idea what I was going to do when it was over.  Now I am a third-year and Micah's dad, Adam is a first year {haha} he seems to be doing really well half way through his first semester and I'm really excited for him!

He is so smart!  He's been able to spell for a LONG time, and I am sure that he is about to start reading chapter books!


Monday, October 18, 2010

My Great Grandma's 90th Birthday!

My Granny Southern {great grandma}'s birthday is one day before my youngest brother's birthday, exactly 70 years apart :)  So they had a BIG party for her at her house in West Point, MS.  Unfortunately since I live in Utah and am so busy I barely sleep I couldn't go but here are some of the great pictures from her party!

Granny Southern and Gran Gran

Granny Southern and my great-aunts Peggy and Marty

I am sure she is telling some sort of story here :)

Grandaddy and Granny Southern


I am so proud that I am this woman's great granddaughter, she is such an amazing person!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I want to...

... be a runner!

So this summer, I "ran" 10 5Ks.  That running mostly consisted of running a little bit and walking most of the way.  So for some reason about a month ago I decided that I wanted to be a runner, for no particular reason.  So I downloaded an app for my phone, Nike+.  It has a great online component where it allows you to track your runs and do a "coach" program that helps you train for a variety of distances.  My goal was to be able to run the entire 5K no walking, no stopping, just running.

I started out pretty well, following the program and keeping up to speed with the runs.  Then I got some terrible shin splints about 2 weeks in.  In the past when something would go wrong, like terribly painful shin splints, I would quit.  This time I was determined to keep going, so I went to SL Running Company and got some inserts for my shoes.  I think they are helping, but I am stubbornly refusing to take a WEEK of to let my shins heal.

So far I've run 58 miles and I've got 40 more miles to go for this month, so by October 31 I will be at 98 miles.  That's the most I have ever run in my 25 years of life, but I am so excited about it!  I never used to get that"runners high" after I was done running and never could find a rhythm where I felt I could run forever, but I have found both of those in the last month!

It may sound silly but I love the reinforcement that my app gives me!  I like that when I finish running it tells me that I did a good job, or when I reach a new mile-stone I get a new color.  It keeps track of how fast I've run various distances, and that is so motivating!  Of course the numbers going down on the scale is also a good motivator, but for me this issn't about losing weight, its about being a new person!  It's about being a runner!

Fall Break To-Do List Update

Fall Break is now over :( but here is an update on what I got done this week

Things finished:
-Clean apartment
-Reading for the week after break
-Start seminar paper
-Teach skating
-Finish Athlete Agreement for US Speedskating
-Have Bollywood number ready for Synchro practice on Sunday
-Run 16 miles (I actually ran 20 miles this week :))
-Catch up on sleep

Things I plan on doing today:-Make a check list of things that need to get done for my Bar application and a timeline (yes, I am a dork and make lists with timelines)
-Get some of the things on the checklist/timeline done

Things that get pushed back:
-Use the mani/pedi Groupon that I bought 2 months ago
-Ed Session for Tech Support

I think that was a fairly productive break :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Break 2010

Last year for fall break I went here to visit my parents.  This year Fall Break came so fast I didn't even have time to decide if I wanted to go anywhere.  I swear each year of my life just goes 10 times faster than the previous one.

This year for Fall Break I chose to stay home and "get my act together" a phrase I commonly use nearly everyday.  When you're doing as much as I am right now a week without just one of those things is extremely helpful for one's sanity!  Don't get me wrong there are plenty of things that need to get done this week actually like three weeks worth of things to get done in 1 week, but there's just something about not having to be a specific place at a specific time that makes you feel so free!

Some of the things I hope to get accomplished this week:
-Clean apartment: CHECK
-Reading for the week after break
-Start seminar paper
-Make a check list of things that need to get done for my Bar application and a timeline (yes, I am a dork and make lists with timelines)
-Get some of the things on the checklist/timeline done
-Use the mani/pedi Groupon that I bought 2 months ago
-Teach skating
-Finish Athlete Agreement for US Speedskating
-Ed Session for Tech Support
-Have Bollywood number ready for Synchro practice on Sunday
-Run 16 miles
-Catch up on sleep

Here's hoping that at least some of this gets done!