Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not just for bebes

Hear me out....

I know it says baby lotion right on the front, but who's skin is said to be the softest?  Baby's bottoms!  So why not use the lotion that is made for those bottoms to improve your skin?

I was turned onto this fantastic idea by my amazing friend Katie.  She had in Colorado Springs this summer and at first I was skeptical but after a few days of trying it out I was SOLD.  BEST. IDEA. EVER.

If you don't want to smell like a snuggly soft baby get the lotion in the yellow bottle, its unscented.  Today I couldn't fined the yellow bottle so I got the pink one.  The fragrance isn't that strong and if anything it smells fresh.  Also I typically use this right out of the shower or if I am going to wear a skirt with bear legs.  Splash on some perfume if you are heading out the door and you won't even notice the scent!

ENJOY this tip from myself and Kates!