Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Brother

This kid
turns 20 today!!  

Happy Birthday Rob!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


No I did not get a dog.  I want a dog really badly, because they are so loving and always excited to see you, and mostly they are fun!  But being a 3rd year law student with not enough time to take care of myself, puppies are out of the picture for me right now.  Luckily my parents have the cutest dogs ever.  Here Ruby and Sam are as puppies a little over a year ago:


And here they are now:

Not the smartest of dogs, but they are very cute and incredibly fun :)  Ruby is obsessed with cats [she literally stalks them] and Sam is very timid and quite the snuggler.  The picture above they were sleeping in the same kennel, they still do that now, even though they barely fit!  It's adorable 

I read today on Everyday Inspirations that Pedigree is donating dog food to shelters for every person that mentions their adoption drive on their blog!  SO check out the ADOPTION DRIVE!