Friday, October 31, 2008

Grown-up bathroom!

So for a while we have had a fish shower curtain in our bathroom that I got in the 8th grade or something like that, so Cassie and I decided that we needed a grownup bathroom, and so I got on it!  I only spent $40!  Most of you who have been to our house know that we had this HUGE ugly cabinet thing...well that was a chore to get out of the room but once that was gone it was onward and upward!!  Our bathroom is really small and we can't have both of us getting ready at the same time, so I put a mirror on the opposite wall from the sink so now two people can get ready in there.  I also added a bookshelf that we already had and just covered it with some fabric and tied it back with ribbon...We got a new brown shower curtain and silver hooks!

The pictures are in reverse order so this is the completed project!

Happy Halloween

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! and a very happy birthday to Sara Beth Parks, my good friend since almost birth!!  Be safe everyone and have a fun night!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posting this week!  Most of you reading this know what went down last Friday.  My brother, Josh was in an accident at work and ended up in the hospital.  He had a closed skull fracture and spent Friday-Sunday in the hospital, first in the ICU and then in a "ghetto room" as he calls it.  He really liked his room in the ICU more than the other room, mostly because it was bigger and in his own words "I had hotter nurses in the ICU"...  That is how I know that he is getting better, he is making comments like that...

My mom flew in on Saturday to help me out because she wanted to be here.  I think that I could have handled everything myself but I would be much more tired right now than I already am!  I am really glad that she could come and help and she was a HUGE help.

So I was running on adrenaline all weekend, and I began to CRASH on Monday.  For some strange reason I cannot even pretend to sleep until 1am!  I am really not sure why that is going on, because I definitely am awake most of the day, and unfortunately I don't get to take naps, but I am not tired until then so...

Sunday, Cassie and I went down to Micah's birthday party and it was so much fun!  He is so funny and was such a cute 1 year old!  Adam and Steph put together the cutest video of when Micah was born.  He totally made a huge mess with his cake and loved all his presents!  He is going to be such a funny toddler, I can't wait until he starts talking because man is that going to be funny!

Josh is doing much better, thanks for all the prayers and offers of help, I really appreciate it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Micah!!

We've officially had 1 year of Micah!!

Happy 1st Birthday Micah!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have decided that I am going to be Lucy for Halloween...

The problem is that I need a costume!  Does anyone have any ideas??


I have decided that I need some sort of goal to get me to the gym three times a week...

So I have decided to run the Salt Lake City 5k!  I found an article online that shows you how to start training--> couch to 5k!  There is also a 5k that sounds fun it's on New Years Eve and it's called beat the new year or something like that it starts at 11:30pm and if you finish before midnight you get a cool plaque!  I am a big fan of a plaque!  So I might have to run that one just for the awesome prize!
I am really excited that I have a to work towards, hopefully it will keep me motivated!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Is this the beginning of the stress avalanche?

This is what I feel like right now.  Up until now I have felt completely in control of my life (her holding back all the papers) right now I feel like they are all starting to slip down to come to a HUGE avalanche sometime soon.  I think that I can get it back under control with my organizational and time management skills (maybe a net to catch all these papers?) I'll let you know, but if I start to neglect my blog... you'll know why, mostly because I have been buried in an avalanche of work!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I thought that we needed some Halloween spirit around our house (other than the ever present pink pumpkin).  So I got some pumpkins at the store and carved our first inital into them because I thought it looked classy and cute.  I also did some polka dots around the pumpkin.  I just scraped the skin off for the polka dots so it's more of a glowing effect (I was still channeling Martha Stewart...)!  They are really cute, here are the pictures of the event!

It was a messy project...Note the HUGE stack of books in the back right of this picture, those books were spread out all around the table all week as I was doing my outlines!
C is for Cassie!
One for me...
All lit up (on the fireplace, because it was not dark enough outside, and I couldn't wait.  Mostly I needed to make sure they were perfect before I cleaned up the mess!)

I tried to get a picture of the polka dots, thats the best I could do!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Trip to Blanding

This past weekend, Erin, Tasha, Carrie, Nicole and I went to Blanding, UT.  Nicole is from Blanding and her family has a cabin outside of Blanding.  It was such a fun weekend, the drive was super long but I think that I laughed more on the car ride down than I have in a LONG time!  Once we got there at like 1 am Saturday morning we watched a REALLY scary movie and stayed up until 4 am... 

Saturday we went 4-wheeling around the cabin and that was really fun until I tried to kill Tasha and myself on the huge hill, and Nicole had to come down and drive the 4-wheeler up the hill for us!  But then Tasha tried to kill us two more times, but we were really adventuresome and had a crazy ride.  That night, Nicole's sweet mom, dad and brother made dinner for us and it was AWESOME!  Her nephews are so super cute.  Saturday night we watched another scary movie and Tasha and Erin scared the living daylights out of Carrie and I!

Sunday we woke up and the pipes had frozen because it was SO cold!  So we went down to Nicole's parents house to finishing getting ready and then we went to Church.  It was fast and testimony meeting and the little kids in family wards are the cutest!  My favorite was one kid who went up with his mom and he said something that was really not easy to hear so then his mom bore her testimony and said that he heard some of the other kids speaking and he said "Jesus loves me too" and he wanted to get up and say that in the microphone!  He was so adorable!  After church we went home and all took naps, it was the most amazing nap that I have taken in a really long time!  Nicole's parents made us a really nice lunch/dinner and then we headed home.  

It was a great drive back with Carrie, I'm glad that we got to talk more and get to know each other!!  Here are some pictures from the trip, I forgot my camera so these are all from Tasha and Carrie
After 4-wheeling: Erin, Tasha, Carrie, Nicole, and me in front
Tasha and I on the 4-wheeler: pre-near death experience
Trying to reverse the 4-wheeler
After I nearly killed us, Nicole fixing my mess

All of us minus Carrie, taking a 4-wheeling break!

Also, its fall break so I am not in school for the next week and I am outlining my classes and trying to get more on top of things!  Have a great week everyone!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Big Ed's

Today is the start of fall break so to celebrate I went to Big Ed's with some of my friends from school and had some really good greasy diner food.

I am excited for fall break, this weekend I am going to Blanding with the girls for some time away from school.  I am not taking a single law school things with me!  I am super excited for that and once I get back there is going to be nothing but law school for the entire week!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

6 Insignificant Things About Me

Erin tagged someone named Haley on her blog to write 6 insignificant things about themselves that you didn't know before, I am going to assume that it was me, even though it probably wasn't...

1.  When I am reading cases for school, I like to line up my highlighters-standing,  in the order in which I normally use them: pink, green, yellow/blue, yellow/blue, orange...My friend Elin likes to come by and knock them down.

2.  I really like to online shop, mostly during class...

3.  My favorite dessert is Pecan Pie, but I cannot make it for the life of me...I tried and exploded it all over the oven, I do make killer Chocolate Chip cookies, but I don't really like to eat them, probably because I bake them at least once a week to give away to other people :)

4.  I am a list maker.  I like to make lists and check things off, so much that I make little check boxes on my lists so that I can check the things off...  Currently, I am making lists for the shopping I need to do after school, and what I need to pack to go to Blanding this weekend, and I have a to-do list in my iCal, of my assignments

5.  I love to scrapbook.  I like to take pictures and make sure that I remember the things in my life that I am bound to forget about it and I'll want to remember someday!  (Thanks to Steph for the Friday of Scrapbooking we did last week, I got a third of the way more caught up!) 

6.  I really like fine point pens because I have worked hard for very neat handwriting my whole life and fine point pens really show that off!

There they are, I tag: Cassie, Steph, Emily, Heather, Katie Bahr, and whomever else wants to give it a go!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More on General Conference...

So my last post about General Conference was just where we watched it, etc... This post is going to talk about what I thought about General Conference...  So if you are interested, keep reading!

I think my favorite talk, was President Monson's remarks on Sunday about change.  He talked about how change is the only thing that is constant in this world.  He said that we should enjoy the journey and not worry ourselves with things that may come in the future or things that have come in the past.  He wants us to work on things that are in front of us right now and not focus so much on the future.  In my life this is really hard, mostly because everything involving school makes me focus on the future and what I am going to do once I graduate and everything else!  I also just tend to focus on the future in general which leads to some interesting situations.  I really liked his talk and took it to heart this week.  I take a class at the Institute on Tuesdays and it makes my day seem so long that yesterday I was thinking so much about what I was going to do today that I almost did not go to Institute.  Instead, I decided to go and not worry about what was going to happen today.  I went to class and it was such a good class, I learned so much about the Degrees of Glory and D&C 76, that I never knew before that I am SO glad that I went!  I also met some really nice people and Brother and Sister Larsen (the teachers of the class) said that they were happy to see me (because I missed the last two weeks)...

I was really grateful for that moment where I didn't forgo something because I was worried about what was going to happen in the future.  President Monson's talk also fits with something that I have been trying to do with Law School and it has proven to be very helpful, many people worry about what they are going to do next summer, or what they are going to do for work when they graduate that they don't think about the short term getting the grades to get you there.  I decided that I would put all my effort into working hard NOW so that I can get to where I want to be in the FUTURE.  President Monson essentially said this same thing about our spiritual lives...  Reading the scriptures, praying, and working towards making and keeping Temple covenants NOW prepares us for our ETERNAL FUTURE.  

I think that this is why I loved his talk so much, because I am already doing this just maybe not in the right context...  It is time to transfer some law school motives to my spiritual life!

Free Bags!!

There is this really cool website that is giving away bags for the launch of their new website, you can get there and enter your name and email for a chance to win a one free bag per hour!!  Here's the link: Handbag Planet as many of you know, I really don't need anymore purses/bags!  But really how do you resist something that is free!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Temples...

President Monson announced in General Conference the location of five new Temples around the world, their locations are: Philadelphia; Kansas City; Calgary, Canada; Rome, Italy; and Cordoba, Argentina.

This is so exciting for the people in these areas, the Temple brings great blessings and I feel so blessed to be within 20 minutes of (almost) 3 temples and within an hours drive of almost 7 Temples!  Congratulations to those in these areas!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Today is the last day you can register to vote by mail!!  So do it!!  It is very vital to our country that we voice our own opinions!!  And I am of the opinion that if you do not vote, you have no right to complain about the situation whatever it may be...So VOTE so you can COMPLAIN!

4 months!

It is my 4 month anniversary!

I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 4 awesome months!

General Conference in Park City

This past weekend a bunch of girls from the branch went up to Park City to shop and watch General Conference.  I went over to Tasha, Michelle and Carrie's to watch the morning session of Conference and then we went up to Park City and went shopping.  Of course I had to stop by the UOP because my boys miss me so much (really I had to return Landon's sleeping bag), but they do miss me and my cookies!!

After shopping, we went to the store to get some treats and we then checked into the condo at Westgate which was awesome!  Then I worked on homework and we went swimming which was FREEZING because we were in PC and it was night time therefore it was like 20 degrees!!  The next morning we made some awesome breakfast and Erin made us Conference Packets, with mazes and ties to color as to what the speaker was wearing...really these are for little kids so that they could pay attention, but I think it helped me focus!!  It was a great idea!  After Conference was over we watched Prom Night, not really sure why....But I screamed so loud!  I am not a scary movie type of person, but it was a good movie...

So all in all we had a great weekend and my 1st Conference as a member was really memorable!  Thanks girls!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Utah v Oregon State!

Last night, Tasha, Osiris, Brett and I went to the U game.  Let me tell you I was getting pretty mad when we were losing with only a few minutes left.  Thank goodness we drove down the field and kicked a literally last second field goal to win the game!  I barely have a voice today because of all the screaming and jumping up and down!!

The final score
Rushing the field
After we won!!!
Osiris and Brett!

Me, Brett and Tasha