Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More on General Conference...

So my last post about General Conference was just where we watched it, etc... This post is going to talk about what I thought about General Conference...  So if you are interested, keep reading!

I think my favorite talk, was President Monson's remarks on Sunday about change.  He talked about how change is the only thing that is constant in this world.  He said that we should enjoy the journey and not worry ourselves with things that may come in the future or things that have come in the past.  He wants us to work on things that are in front of us right now and not focus so much on the future.  In my life this is really hard, mostly because everything involving school makes me focus on the future and what I am going to do once I graduate and everything else!  I also just tend to focus on the future in general which leads to some interesting situations.  I really liked his talk and took it to heart this week.  I take a class at the Institute on Tuesdays and it makes my day seem so long that yesterday I was thinking so much about what I was going to do today that I almost did not go to Institute.  Instead, I decided to go and not worry about what was going to happen today.  I went to class and it was such a good class, I learned so much about the Degrees of Glory and D&C 76, that I never knew before that I am SO glad that I went!  I also met some really nice people and Brother and Sister Larsen (the teachers of the class) said that they were happy to see me (because I missed the last two weeks)...

I was really grateful for that moment where I didn't forgo something because I was worried about what was going to happen in the future.  President Monson's talk also fits with something that I have been trying to do with Law School and it has proven to be very helpful, many people worry about what they are going to do next summer, or what they are going to do for work when they graduate that they don't think about the short term getting the grades to get you there.  I decided that I would put all my effort into working hard NOW so that I can get to where I want to be in the FUTURE.  President Monson essentially said this same thing about our spiritual lives...  Reading the scriptures, praying, and working towards making and keeping Temple covenants NOW prepares us for our ETERNAL FUTURE.  

I think that this is why I loved his talk so much, because I am already doing this just maybe not in the right context...  It is time to transfer some law school motives to my spiritual life!