Monday, June 30, 2008


Since I haven't really posted anything new in a while (and since they blocked facebook at work) I thought I'd update everyone on my life!

Things are going well, Cassie and I are almost done moving, which let me tell you was an adventure. We basically did everything ourselves! Landon came over on Friday to help us move the big stuff (tables, desks, couches, etc) but other than his help with that we have moved ourselves! I have to say that I am really proud of that because not only were we moving but we were also working, so we had to do things after work our before and we just started moving things on Friday. So we basically moved our entire lives in a 3 day weekend! We were also cleaning everything as we went along, so not only are we almost done moving but our old house is almost completely clean! The funny thing is that in our new apartment there is a HUGE family room, so we just basically unloaded everything into that room, so right now it is full of all of our stuff, it looks really funny.

After a full day of moving on Friday, I went to the Tim McGraw concert with Steph, Missy, and Brittnie. It was so much fun! We got there early picked out a spot on the grass, got our t-shirts and snowcones, and we were ready for Tim! It was a great concert, the openers were Halfway to Hazard (they were ok) and Jason Aldean, who I LOVE! Tim was amazing (of course) and it was just a really fun night with some really great girls, thanks for a great time ladies!!

Tim on stage!

Steph and I with Tim :)
Missy and Brittnie with Tim
Other than reading my super exciting book for law school orientation, you've been updated on my life!
Coming up:
Skating girls Annual Tri-Birthday Dinner

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Josh the Bobsled Pilot!

Josh has been certified to drive public bobsled rides! This is him on his first day of driving with some happy customers!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Christmas in June?

Today I woke up and drove in to work and there was SNOW on the nordic hills! I was so mad because it is the middle of June! I should be pulling shorts out of the closet not jeans, long sleeves, and my COAT! I just throught I'd let you all know how displeased I am about the whole snow in the middle of summer thing! I'll post the picture I took with my phone when I get home!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My friend Emily started reading the Twilight series that she had sworn she would never read and she decided that she loved it! She told me that there was something about it she just couldn't explain, so I borrowed her copy of the book to see what all the fuss was about...Well let's just say I am hooked! It's the kind of book I love, stories about high school love affairs and danger and suspense, I want to know what happens next. Last night I had to limit myself to only reading for an hour because if I hadn't limited myself a. I wouldn't have read my scriptures, and b. I would have been up all night reading!

It's a great book and I cannot wait to finish this one and get the second one underway!

Thanks EM!