Sunday, January 13, 2013

Angie's Baby Shower

I have a really close group of friends, we call ourselves the Fab Five.  Despite time and space apart we have been friends since we were in high school.  We came together as synchro skaters.  The team is what initially brought us together but since then we have been through college, weddings, and now babies!

We already added one sweet addition to our group in the form of this angel
That's Aubrey, isn't she adorable?  She was born 12/21, and I can't get enough of her.

Today, we had a party for the first male addition {other than husbands of course} to the Fab 5, Baby Fairbanks!

We decided to do a Dr. Seuss theme.  My talented brother designed the invitation, which we did as a postcard so that we could save a little on postage and not having to buy envelopes.

Then we worked on food.  I found a couple of showers that had this theme on Pinterest, we had a secret Pinterst board so that we could all share ideas, and keep the shower theme a secret from Ang.

Thing 1 Cupcakes {red velvet with cream cheese frosting and cotton candy for the hair}

Pasta Salad, my favorite from Whole Foods, I taught myself how to make it.  I followed this recipe.

One Fish, two fish

Green {deviled} eggs and ham {roll ups}

We also had cool fruit and cheese "trees" on toothpicks and skewers, and we had kettle corn to snack on I guess I missed those in the photo taking!

Water bottle wraps!

We set up a make shift photo booth with a hat and boa

What could be better for someone who loves social media like Angie does?  Her very own baby shower hash tag!

Skating moms in front of the banner

Here are the favors that we forgot to tell people about!  Homemade sugar cookies in the shape of fish and hats.

The future mama with the future grandmas

Fab 5 (minus Meaghan, we missed you!)

A couple of things that I didn't get pictures of...

-We decided to ask people to bring books instead of cards and leave a note for the baby in the book so he can have it forever.  Also, instead of a bunch of cards that you don't have much to do with, you now have a pretty full library for the baby!  That was one of my favorite aspects of the shower.

-Instead of a guest book, we bought the book "Oh the Places You'll Go" and had everyone write a message in the book to the baby.

-We also had a couple of prints that we made with Dr Seuss quotes that Angie can use in her nursery if she wants.  We used the quotes:

"You are the you that is truer than true.  There is no one alive more youer than you!"


"A person is a person no matter how small"

I am grateful that I have friends in my life like these ladies!  Now we take a few days off and begin planning for Alyssa's shower in March!

**Side note** These girls are one of the reasons I love coaching synchro so much!  I skated with these girls 10+ years ago now and we have all been through so much together and apart that it makes me want to help foster those friendships in the girls that I coach.  
It's so much more than just a skating team, it's clearly friends for life.