Monday, May 25, 2009

Ann Arbor!

I leave for Ann Arbor on Thursday! I am so excited to just walk around campus and see my friends.... Oh and did I mention I'm going to COLDPLAY?!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Good, terrible, very bad week!

Last week was super rough!  I started out the week doing great, Monday I had my property exam which was nice actually because it was multiple choice and fairly straight forward.  We will see what I think when we get my grades :)

After that was over, Tuesday I headed to the UOP to work and get the Comet store and what not ready for the summer season.  I was reorganizing the cords and cutting some zip ties and the scissors slipped and i cut a good chunk out of my finger!  The Park EMTs came up to clean me up but they told me that I had to go to the clinic because there was no telling when the blood was going to stop.  I went to the clinic and they numbed my finger and cauterized the blood vessels so that it would stop bleeding!  They couldn't give me stitches because it was not deep enough and plus I cut the entire section off cleanly :)  All in all it bled for 2 hours and I got a band aid and a finger splint to protect the tip of my finger so that a good scab could form and the skin could re-grow.  As of now, I am out of the splint but still keeping it in a band aid so that it stays protected.

Wednesday we had a review session for CrimLaw because that exam was the only one remaining for Friday May 8, 2009.  So I was in a rush because I finished my outline on Wednesday morning and went to have it bound so that the notes I took during my review session would be on the outline and easily accessed for the exam.  My printer runs out of ink on the last two pages so I take my flash drive with me to FedEx/Kinkos where I get my outlines bound so they could print the pages and bind it for me.  So I get there running late of course.  Get my pages printed and bound and head for school.  I am about 20 minutes late for the review session at this point.  I'm walking quickly across the street in my new yellow dress that my mom bought me when she was here (thanks mom :)) So I decided to run up the stairs to get to the review session faster, keep in mind these stairs are right by a pretty busy intersection.  I fall up the stairs, naturally.  Wearing flip flops I broke my big toenail in half, and skinned the next two toes.  Bleeding all over my flip flops I ran to the law school and to the bathroom to clean off the blood and it was bleeding quite a bit so I grabbed some extra paper towels and headed for the review session.  Naturally, since I was 30+ minutes late there was like one seat and everyone was staring at me when I came in the room.  I forgot to mention that I also skinned my knee pretty badly...  So to complete the picture my foot is bleeding, I have a really skinned knee and I am wearing a finger splint from where I cut part of my finger the day before...  Mostly I was a mess!!  Needless to say I made it through the review session...  I also had to take my outline to get rebound because they put a super tight spiral on it.  I got some more interesting news that day that sums up to someone really important to me needed to take a step back from his life and make sure everything was on track...  I have started calling it the life break and I'm counting the days until he come back from life break!  It has been really hard to not talk to him because I think about him so much everyday and I care about more than is probably good for me.  But this is a really important year for him so I am trying to be patient and let him figure it out.  That night I got a little bit of a release when I went to dinner at Zupas and X-men with some of my girlfriends.  It was good to see all of them because school had taken over and I miss them!!

Thursday I got ready and headed for school to chat about criminal law with some of my classmates so that we could work everything out and do great on our exam the next day.  That was a good idea because we talked out most of issues that came up in the exam the next day.

Friday I had the exam in the morning, then Cassie and I went out to lunch at CPK to celebrate me being done with my first year of law school!  Plus we had to go to build-a-bear for a mother's day present and I had to pick up my Race for the Cure packet.  I didn't end up running because my foot was still hurting me so I stayed home.  Friday night we made cakes for our project on Saturday.

Saturday we entered a cake in the Stirring up Wishes Cake Baking contest for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  Here was my vision for the cake, that Cassie helped me create because my finger left me out of commission to do it all myself...

There are four categories of wishes that Make-a-Wish grants, to be, to have, to go and to meet.  So we made the top tier a star and the small stars around the bottom were the four types of wishes!  The bright spot at the end of the week was that we won SECOND PLACE with our cake!  Second place got an hour massage :)

Also I want to wish my mom a very Happy Mother's Day.  She is so understanding and willing to help all of her kids in whatever way we may need her!  

Days like this also make me miss my grandma more than ever! 

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I've been MIA lately but here is what I have been working on...