Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Turning Point

I realize that most of my posts lately have been somewhat deep and contemplative.  I'll just start with this is not one of those posts...

I took last week off from running, mostly because I was trying to get moved in and settled.  Now that I've been in my condo for 8 whole days, it's time to get back on the Rail Trail mostly since there are only 38 days left until my next half marathon

The PINK Series Half Marathon is October 13th, these cute guys in ties give you your medals at the end, how could you resist?  Plus the scenery in the top picture is what I have to look forward to for 13.1 miles.

Anyway, two weeks ago when I was running I decided to seriously TRY to pace myself.  I am completely terrible at it since I have mostly been a treadmill runner the treadmill has always paced me.  I surprised myself with my ability to slow down, normally I head out so fast that I have to slow down to a walk 1-1.5 miles in.  This time I was able to take my time and run the full 3 miles.  Today I hadn't run for a full week and I was really skeptical about the way the run was going to go, especially because I took the dogs.  They are literally the worst trail dogs in the world.  Sam stands in the middle of the trail as bikes come right towards him and they always want to run into this brackish water...  If they get in that water they need to have baths immediately upon returning home so I find myself yelling "DON'T GET IN THAT WATER" about every 5 minutes.  It turned out to be a really good run and I think I have turned the corner running wise.  I mean don't get me wrong I still have a REAL long way to go but I don't hate it quite as much as I used too and I am starting to see improvement in my skillz...

So anyway, I'll have another 13.1 under my belt in 2012 and I might even enjoy this one, that'll be neat.