Sunday, December 15, 2013

Buttermilk Cranberry Breakfast Cake

I made this yummy breakfast cake for our Fab 5 holiday brunch - It was a recipe I found on Pinterest and it worked out perfectly.

Here's the much requested recipe:

Buttermilk Cranberry Breakfast Cake

1/2 c. butter (softened)
1 c. sugar
zest of 1 orange
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups flour (add an additional 1/4 c if you're at high altitude)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 c. buttermilk
2 c. cranberries (coated in 1 tbsp flour)

Pre-heat oven to 350
Cream butter, sugar, and orange zest until fluffy
Add egg and vanilla
Coat cranberries with 1 tbsp of flour (this keeps the berries from bursting and running when you bake the cake
Sift flour, baking soda and salt
Add flour mixture to the butter and sugar mixture alternating with buttermilk {I think it's best to end with flour}
Fold in the cranberries
Spray a 9x9 pan with cooking spray
Bake for 35-40 minutes.  
*Mine took about 45 minutes and I covered with aluminum foil when the top was as brown as I wanted but the cake wasn't done.


(adapted from this recipe)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Card Wreath

I have been wanting to make something to hold all the cute holiday cards I get from my friends.  I found this idea on Pinterest

It's a cute wreath made of clothespins - this one also used ribbon between the pins.  This is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to Pintrest - when you clicked on the link, it only led to this image - no how-to blog post or anything!  I decided that I could figure it out on my own so here goes!

Here's what you'll need for this project:

Wire wreath frame (I used at 12 inch which is the smallest of the frames they had at Michaels)
Clothespins - mine came from Walmart - $2 for 100 - I used 60 on my 12 inch frame
Scrapbook paper
Glue - I used ModgePodge
I'd get everything together first - it really takes no time if you get organized first!  I figured out how many clothespins would fit in each section of the wreath and then did some math (multiplication) to figure out how many total I would need.  Turns out you use 10 pins in every section of the 12 inch wreath - so I chose 10 pieces of scrapbook paper and made 6 pins of each type of paper to get 60 pins.

Take the scrapbook paper and cut out a section that would fit the number of pins you need.

Spread the glue on the paper, and firmly press in the clothes pins - let it dry.  I did all the gluing, and let the pins dry while I cleaned my kitchen :)

Cut out the clothes pins so that the paper is only covering the clothes pin with a slight overlap - you don't want to leave too much paper it will leave a slightly messy look on your finished product.  I decided to do the pins in different directions when I glued them on the paper so I got a variation of the pattern on the paper, it worked out cute!

The wreath frame has 4 circles - to get the look that I decided on you alternate every other pin.  Each pin starts from between the 2nd and 3rd circles - pins on the inside go on the inner two circles and the outside pins go on the outer two circles.

The ends will stick up making a zig-zag look.

I used the same order of pins around the whole wreath and I like the mismatched order of it all!

Then you simply tie a ribbon onto the back of the wreath and hang!

I can't wait until the wreath is full of cards of my cute friends and their kids!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


When we were at my great grandma's funeral this year we were right next to where my grandma (Nanny) was buried 14 years ago.  While I was there reflecting and thinking about how much I miss her and how much I hoped that she was watching down over all of us, I had a troubling thought.  I couldn't remember what her voice sounded like {I am getting teary eyed just writing this that's how much it upset me}.  I never ever want to forget her and when I realized I couldn't hear her voice in my head made me feel like that was starting to happen.

Through the miracle of technology my mom was able to transfer all of our VHS home videos to digital files.  My dad loaded those onto an external hard drive and mailed them to me.  When I watched the first video from Christmas of 1989 it started with my dad filming Nanny and her talking about being on camera (not her favorite) and I was SO happy that I cried because it was like part of her was back with me.

I am so grateful for technology for giving me the gift of hearing her voice again!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

32 Years

I posted this gem on the interwebs today because it was 32 years ago today that my lovely parents were married in the First Baptist Church in New Albany, Mississippi.

 They are the best example to us of what marriage really means.  It doesn't necessarily mean that you like the person a whole lot every single day, but it does mean that you love them.  Loving someone in that way means you're not leaving - no matter how tough times are.  Josh, Rob, and I have all had our moments when our parents could have thrown in the towel in dealing with our issues.  Because we are products of their love and the fruits of their marriage, they stuck it out.

I am grateful daily for the example that they are to me and am a firm believe that my dad follows one of my favorite quotes of all time with regards to marriage:
"The greatest thing a father can do for his children is love their mother"

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Side note: Is anyone else glad it's no longer 1981?  (1) Check out my dad's sweet mustache/beard/goatee combo and (2) those bridesmaid's dresses {in pastels no less}. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{mid} Transformation Tuesday

I've been meaning to do this post for a while but I haven't achieved my final goal so I kept saying to myself that I should wait or be further along in my journey before I posted something like this.  But then I had a run like Saturday and this happened:

That run was faster than my runs all week {and longer}, but that wasn't the coolest part.  The best part was that I liked it.  I had fun running 5 miles, transformation #1.  Yesterday when I was driving to where I was going to run I told my mom that I might have to run on a treadmill because it looked like rain, which sounded so painful to me.  A year a go, I did most of my training runs for the October half marathon on a treadmill and loved it.  Like my Lululemon tank top says - I am a runner because I run, transformation #2

I am like a lot of people, I am a scale addict.  My whole life the scale has defined me.  The amount of weight I carry has been something that I allow to limit the way I live.  I am not done, and I would be lying if I said I didn't weigh myself once a week (better than once a day).  I would also be lying if I said I don't care what the scale says.  I do care, a lot.  But I also work very hard during the week to make sure that the number is what I want it to be, if its not, sometimes I have a meltdown.  That meltdown, however, no longer includes binging on food that will make me sick.

Speaking of foods that make me sick---
--I bake things, and these cupcakes were delish, but I indulged in more than one and I wanted to puke.  Because I have taken out most of the refined sugar from my diet, one cupcake too many makes me feel gross.  Three years ago when I really tried to start losing weight with little to no success, I never would have thought that two cupcakes would make me sick, transformation #3.

There are a few of my transformations so far, more to come, get excited.  For now here's this selfie of me being excited!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Closing Chapters

I've been thinking about this post for a couple of weeks now. Two weeks I got the news that my sweet great grandmother passed away.  My mom called me earlier in the week warning me that this news could be coming any day, so I was prepared for the news but its always sad.  My brother and I flew down from Salt Lake to Memphis on Saturday morning for the funeral on Sunday. 

Saturday was pretty uneventful as the Smith kids arrived from opposite ends of the country.  Sunday we all got dressed to make the hour and a half drive from my grandfather's house in New Albany, Mississippi.  To the town where he grew up and where my great grandparents lived the majority of their lives, West Point, Mississippi.  As we were driving down I was wondering to myself why I wasn't sadder.  This amazing lady was now gone from my life, there are so many things ahead for myself, my brothers, and her 15 other great grandchildren that she and will not get to be physically present.  About 5 seconds after having that thought, I couldn't help but think how selfish that was.  You see my grandma (Nanny) passed away in 1999 and every day since then my Granny has had to live without her daughter.  Every Christmas she would tell us how proud Nanny would be of all of us grand kids and you could see it in her face just how much it hurt.  Last May, my Granddaddy Southern passed away.  He and Granny Southern had been married for 72 years, I can't imagine what it was like for her to miss him then too. 

So instead of feeling sad for my loss, I felt overwhelmingly happy for her gain.  She is now in heaven looking down on all of us and spending time with her sweet husband and daughter.  I am so grateful for everything that she taught me, she was such a strong woman and always spoke her mind.  I'll always remember sleeping over at her house and hearing and smelling the sausage, eggs, and biscuits cooking around 5 am, a little early for us kids!  It makes me a little sad that I won't ever hear her say "DUNN" when my Uncle Don walks into the house.  It will be so strange this year not to drive to Calhoun Street for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think that we always know in a rational sense that some life chapters are coming to an end, but I am not sure anyone is really ever ready for that to happen.  It's such a bittersweet feeling.  But I think that it is important to remember that closing chapters are opportunities for growth and not something to hold on too so strongly that you cannot move forward.

We'll miss you Granny, but we know that you are looking down on us, having a great time with Nanny, and probably nagging Grandaddy about something!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Show me the money...

I started to share this article on Facebook, but when my post was 3 paragraphs I decided it probably fits better here instead.

As my 12 readers know, I am an Olympic sport junkie.  I am convinced that the bug was planted in 2002 when I had the privilege of being a part of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the games in my town.  I've tried to get away from it.  I even spent three years in law school trying to escape, but its where I am meant to be.  I have worked for three different National Governing Bodies, US Speedskating, USA Bobsled and Skeleton Federation, and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association.  In my three years in this industry I have moved from an organization than can barely keep it together, to one where five people were running the whole show-I used to work alone in my office, to end up at the largest winter NGB out there.  Having been around the block, I've seen both sides.  Athletes with no personal endorsements to Lindsay Vonn and Ted Ligety.  Lolo's comments about her small winnings check from the FIBT/USBSF while very distasteful, are an issue that many people don't understand.  She might not have understood until she lived it this past season.

The track and field and swimming athletes, skiiers and to some extent figure skaters have something that the bobsled, skeleton and luge athletes will possibly never have--normal everyday people can participate in their sports.  The same can't be said for bobsled, luge and skeleton athletes.  That is why track and field and swimming have sponsors like Nike and Adidas--it's simple for marketers to understand the value of the sport and the athletes for their company.  USBSF and USA Luge struggle in the sponsorship category--not for lack of work mind you, Amanda Bird is one of the hardest working Marking and Communication Directors I have EVER had the pleasure of working with.  She realizes that her commodity are the athletes and their stories, not necessarily the sport itself, and she leverages that to bring in the sponsorship dollars.  Amanda can work 24/7 (which she does often) and still not be able to catch up to the sponsorships and donations coming in at the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association.  While it might seem small, the ability for people off the street to participate in your sport is a huge deal.  It makes you more relatable and more recognizable, it makes you easier to sell to America.

The track and field and swimming athletes, skiiers and to some extent figure skaters have something that the bobsled, skeleton and luge athletes will possibly never have--normal everyday people can participate in their sports.  The same can't be said for bobsled, luge and skeleton athletes.  That is why track and field and swimming have sponsors like Nike and Adidas--it's simple for marketers to understand the value of the sport and the athletes for their company.  USBSF and USA Luge struggle in the sponsorship category--not for lack of work mind you, Amanda Bird is one of the hardest working Marking and Communication Directors I have EVER had the pleasure of working with.  She realizes that her commodity are the athletes and their stories, not necessarily the sport itself, and she leverages that to bring in the sponsorship dollars.  Amanda can work 24/7 (which she does a lot) and still not be able to catch up to the sponsorships and donations coming in at the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association.  While it might seem small, the ability for people off the street to participate in your sport is a huge deal.  It makes you more relatable and more recognizable, it makes you easier to sell to America.

These athletes are incredible.  They are heroic and deserve to be put on pedestals more than once every four years.  The sacrifice and drive that it takes to perform at the highest level of sport is awe inspiring for this girl.  Many people don't understand that being heroic and awe-insipring once every quad doesn't necessarily pay the bills.  Now that you know about the problem, head here to donate to the USOC, or here to the USBSF directly.  These guys deserve your support!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

What I eat

I've become more adventurous this go round with my plant based lifestyle.  Here's a little of what I have been eating (just in the last week). 

Roasted Chickpea and Broccoli Burritos
Whole wheat tortillas and wholly guacamole

Brussels Sprout and Quinoa Salad
{I don't want to hear you don't like Brussels sprouts until you've tried them sauted with garlic}

Sloppy Joe
with delish gluten free hamburger buns by Canyons Bakehouse
{Made with TVP}

I've also made a few things I don't have pictures of {shocking I know that I don't have photos of my food}

I highly recommend ALL these recipes!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ode to Park City - 10 years later

As I was driving into work today, I saw something that made me smile and feel old all at the same time.  Today is Graduation Day for Park City High School, and here in Park City we have a mountain/hill with a large PC on it.  It has been a tradition that every year the seniors go up the mountain and change the PC to their graduating year, then usually the juniors go up sometime while the seniors are getting ready for graduation and change it to the next year.  It's a funny little thing that we do in our town.  Well, the Class of 2003, aka the best class to graduate PCHS, decided as a class gift we would make the PC permanent.  We cemented it in, so any future class had to add their class year on the end.  This morning, the PC had a 13 by it—it made me smile with nostalgia but it also made me think about when I graduated it was an 03, that's 10 years people.

I started thinking about all the things I have done in the past 10 years.  I think in my high school year book they asked us where we thought we'd be in 10 years.  I'm sure mine had something to do with being a doctor and being married with kids.  HA, if my high school self could see me now…  Sometimes I think I still use my high school self to judge where I am in life, and she has no idea what life is about, so I need to really retire her.

Here are a few things that she needs to get straight:

My high school self hated Park City and couldn't wait to get out and experience other things.  While I think that is valid for a high school-er to think, I could not be more in love with Park City as a semi-grown up.  I know that this is where I was meant to have my life.  My parents like to make fun of me because High School Haley said she would never, EVER, live in Park City permanently.  Let's all remember some of the stupid things we said when we were 18, ok?  Moving on.  Every day I am super grateful that I get to live in this beautiful place and I am convinced it is making me a better person.

Seriously, I get to live here...
Spring time running
View from my yoga mat in the winter
My favorite Park City Landmark--McPolin Barn

My high school self thought that we would be married with two kids by 28.  In all fairness to her, that was her only experience, everyone in my family has been married with at least one kid by the age of 28.  However, High School Haley, marriage and kids is not the be all end all.  It is something that at 28, you still look forward too, but you have the most amazing family of friends that a girl could ask for.  People that are honest with you in ways that make you a better and stronger person.  Friends that will stick by you through some of the toughest decisions of your life.

Skiing on my 28th birthday with Chelsea

The Fab Five

Hiking with Jenny in American Fork Canyon--where we almost got lost and needed rescuing

My high school self thought we'd be a doctor.  Well, let's talk about freshman year at Michigan—we hated chemistry.  You don't get to go to Med School if you don't take chemistry…  So we decided on something with cute boys and something we were good at, Sport Management.  Let me tell you it was the right choice.  There still are cute boys, plus number one.  But you are also seriously passionate about Olympic Sport and the drive and determination that it takes athletes to achieve their goals—it inspires you daily.  What I am saying is, (1) it's ok not to be a doctor, (2) it's ok if you go to law school and don't necessarily use your degree in the most literal sense because you discover the passion that you were running away from.

2012 FIBT Wold Championships

Team Night Train

2012 Alpine National Championships

Bad ass with a drill...  Not that I know how to use it/what to do with it

So High School Haley, lets review:
  • Park City is awesome
  • You don't need to be married with kids to have an awesome life at 28
  • Your job/field rocks
Congrats to the Park City High School Class of 2013 and Happy 10 year Anniversary to the Class of 2003 (even though we graduated on Friday, June 13)!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I've made a decision halfway through 2013 (when did it become June BTW... half way through 2013, what?), that I am no longer going to be in a love/hate relationship with my scale.

This is a really popular subject this week, check out post by Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg on why they are breaking up with their scales.

I have thought about breaking up with my scale for a long time, but my Type A personality has really been hurtful in this process.  For example, this is my planner for the month of June:

When I say I like to know the numbers, I really like to know exactly what the change is from week to week and when I get really obsessive from day to day.  I know that I have this obsessive problem and how it can quickly go from being something that is helpful and motivating to something that is a complete downer.  I quickly obsess over things and its a compulsion that is not healthy.  I'll get super dedicated and motivated on whatever I am into that month and then when I start to fail or not do as well as the high goals and expectations I set for myself, I start to back away from the activity or goal.  I have done this for the past two years with running, losing weight, you name it.

Let's get real, I've gained and lost the same 15 pounds for the last year.  I had a good thing going when I went vegan for the first month.  Then I got sick and fell of the plant-based wagon.  I refused to weigh myself when off the wagon because I didn't want to know how bad it was, complete avoidance was the best method to make it through.  Now that I am back on the wagon, I forced myself to step on to the scale at the end of last week to see how much damage the shame spiral did.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was not as bad as I was expecting, so that motivated me.

My scale and I are on good terms right now, but these are not the times that I am concerned about.  I am concerned about the times when I have had a really great week, then I decided to weigh myself and the second that number pops up I go from super happy and proud of myself to pissed off and ready to eat a box of Milk Duds.  I've had this conversation with myself, going over the pros and cons of weighing myself weekly for the past 6 days.  I decided today with the help of a good friend who let's me talk out the debates that I have in my head, I decided that it's going to be monthly.  It has to happen so I make sure that I am on track with what I am doing, and it gives whatever method or change I make time to work before I completely dismiss it as a failure.

Some habits are harder to break than others, we'll see how it goes, I might have to hide my scale.  As luck would have it, I weighed myself on May 31.  Now I just have 24 more days before I can do it again, not that I am counting...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Plant Based Update

I know my 5 blog readers have been dying to know how plant based living has been going.  Well I'll be honest with you, it hasn't.

I had to go on a work trip to Mammoth Mountain, CA for 10 days.  I got sick about three days before we left and couldn't stop feeling nauseated.  If any of my 5 readers are in the sports industry, you'll know that "work trip" is code for working nearly 24/7 and tending to people's needs.  At least most of my work trips are.  So while in Mammoth I stayed mostly plant based, and there was no meat involved, just dairy.  When I got home I struggled to get back on the wagon because, you guys, these foods are addictive, toxic, and hard to get out of your body once they are there.  I was still busy with another event happening in Park City the week after Mammoth.  So I felt like crap, not surprisingly.

For the last two weeks I have been working on weaning myself back off dairy and some meat, I am not going to lie, its been hard, but so worth it.  By today I am back to whole foods and plant based eating.

On another note, I finally watched Forks Over Knives last night.  If you haven't seen it and you are a meat eater, you probably should watch it for your own edification.  Most of the people in my life are meat eaters and this worries me a little bit.  By all means I am not suggesting you all go vegan (all 5 of my readers), but it is something to consider, if not going all the way, maybe reduce your consumption a little.  Forks Over Knives is on Netflix, if your interested!

I was babysitting all week so I am one run behind in C25K so I am off to do that now, before I got to Yoga in the Park sponsored by Lululemon.  Have I mentioned how happy I am to be living in Park City?

Friday, May 31, 2013

If you want to date someone great, be someone great

I need to start this post on a complete side note.  I have the best friends ever.  I know you might think you have the best friends ever, you don't.  Mine are better.  I won't go into specifics because they know who they are but,  they are the most supportive group of women I've met and I met most of them when I was 18--or younger.  Its our 10 year friendiversary and I am so grateful that I have them in my life.

Back to our regularly scheduled post.  

(1) You should read it because its an incredibly insightful post about dating and relationships
(2) For me it was a lightning bolt without even me realizing it.

These are my favorite lines:
So, instead of worrying about The One, forget about that and be The One You Would Want To Be With. Go running every night, smile at every person you meet, pick up that James Joyce novel you’ve been putting off, start writing again, join a support group to work out your issues, go back to get another degree, help old ladies cross the street, work on forgiving your parents, take Tai Chi to learn to let go, get involved at the local community center and/or take a cooking class. Push yourself to get out and be better; you can’t control who you meet, but you can control the person you are when you meet them. You probably won’t find perfect (and no one wants that, because as Celeste and Jesse Forever shows, perfect is boring). However, you might find something a lot better than what you could have even imagined when you were twelve and making silly lists. You’ll find the thing you didn’t know you were looking for all along 
Yesterday, I realized that I was doing this without consciously trying.  It was a long day, I worked my "regular" job, which included a long trip to Salt Lake, I attended a figure skating club banquet for coaching, and I baked two orders of cupcakes to deliver today.  In a day when I worked all three of my jobs, instead of using the "i'm exhausted" excuse, which was valid I felt like I NEEDED to get out and run.  So I did, at 8:30pm.  That was a huge victory for me, old me would have laid on the couch and then felt bad about not running.  Instead I got out there, had the best run of the week and still got everything done.  

Today was a total disaster, but yesterday, yesterday I nailed it.  I know that I am becoming more like the person I am doing more of what I love--I started my own business, check us out here: and on Facebook.  I volunteer, teach, and play on a softball team.  I am back home where my lifelong friends are and I am super busy.  Now, Mr Right, it's ok if you come along any day now...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 18: The person you wish you could be

Dear KC-

This one is a total no brainer for me, when on the list of letters to write came up #18-The person you wish you could be.  It's you, obviously.  Most people would think that it's because of your awesome job, not going to lie that's part of it.  But it's so much more than that.  Ever since we met 3 years ago, I couldn't be more grateful to have you in my life.  I want to be like you because you are the kindest and best friend to everyone you know.  You don't let haters get to you, and you always know the right thing to say.  You are generous, I mean who puts out on FB that they are bored and offer to create mix CDs for people who comment on the post.  You do.  Then you not only make them but ship them around the country.  You believe in yourself and inspire confidence in those around you.  I could go on and on, you inspire me to be better in everything that I do and I want to do that for others.

Thanks for being great-

Your favorite intern

{KC also gets letter #28}

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 17: Someone from your childhood

I didn't quite finish the list of 30 Days of Letters that I started in December.  So I thought I'd work on finish it now!

To my skating coaches-

I started skating when I was 12, which is quite late for someone who wants to be competitive in figure skating.  That being said, you never told me the things I wanted to accomplish were impossible.  You encouraged me when I was down and became my therapists on the ice.  My teen years were awkward, that's for sure, but it helped that I had a place where I felt safe.

I would not be where I am today with out each of you.  I wouldn't have some of the best friends of my life, if you hadn't encouraged me to keep skating when I really wanted to quit.  Thank you so much for believing in me and knowing that I could do it when I wasn't even sure!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Plant Based Living

It's been about two weeks since I decided to go plant based, so I thought I'd give you all an update.  I didn't really eat much meat or drink regular cows milk before this decision so that wasn't hard.  The thing I thought would be the hardest, cheese.  I used to eat cheese on everything and normally at every meal.  But honestly, it hasn't been that hard.  Mostly because of how I feel.  I have more energy and overall I feel better.

I am going to preface the results with the fact that I haven't really been able to work out as much as I would like.  I got a cold the week I started my plant-based diet from running myself down in Squaw.  Then I went to Orlando for Josh's graduation, so my immune system was running on empty.  I am over the cold, at this point, but work this week and hanging out with co-workers that are normally not in town kept me from the gym.  I am excited to start Half-Marathon training on Saturday.

(1) More energy
(2) Not waking up tired
(3) Better mood
(4) Lost 8 lbs since I last went to the doctor (March 8)

I am trying my best but honestly you would be surprised how many things have milk in them!  It's completely unnecessary to have milk in potato chips, but they use it in the flavoring.  Reading labels is key.  The thing that I have found the easiest to do, is just not buy packaged food!  I know that the salad I am having for lunch or the berries that I ate for breakfast are safe because they are whole, unprocessed, foods. 

The other thing I discovered is that I really have to plan what I am going to eat because there are not very many calories in these whole foods-with the exception of nuts and avocados.  The first day I was plant-based I barely broke 1000 calories, which I know is bad for me.  I am trying not to be a crazy person about it but keeping track definitely helps me to make sure I eat enough (never said that on a diet before).

I'll give you all another update two weeks into half marathon training.  I am also planning on a post about what I actually eat in a day, with pictures :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Half Marathon #3: Utah Valley Half Marathon, June 8, 2013

I've committed to another half marathon in June.  I might be crazy, the race is in 8 weeks so I have to start training today!  Here's the training plan I will be using:

Yes I did make this like a sticker chart to hang on my refrigerator so that I can add a sticker to runs I complete.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Brother Graduates

Last weekend I went to Orlando for my little brother's graduation.  Josh entered a digital arts and design program at Full Sail University about two years ago.  Its a very intense program designed to set their graduates up for the real world.  They structure classes like real jobs, and work on a different subject every month. 

Everyone waiting for the ceremony to start: Allison (Josh's GF, Rob, me, Gran Gran, and Dad)

Each degree group had an Advanced Achievement Award.  That award is nominated by the faculty and voted on by the students.  Josh got the award for his class!  The person who go this award had to give a speech.  He did a great job--sorry about the shaky iPhone video!

Smith Kids, looking like grown ups

Everyone minus mom


Josh and Allison--the graduates, they're both looking for jobs if you're hiring talented digital artists!

Proud of you little brother!