Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Brother Graduates

Last weekend I went to Orlando for my little brother's graduation.  Josh entered a digital arts and design program at Full Sail University about two years ago.  Its a very intense program designed to set their graduates up for the real world.  They structure classes like real jobs, and work on a different subject every month. 

Everyone waiting for the ceremony to start: Allison (Josh's GF, Rob, me, Gran Gran, and Dad)

Each degree group had an Advanced Achievement Award.  That award is nominated by the faculty and voted on by the students.  Josh got the award for his class!  The person who go this award had to give a speech.  He did a great job--sorry about the shaky iPhone video!

Smith Kids, looking like grown ups

Everyone minus mom


Josh and Allison--the graduates, they're both looking for jobs if you're hiring talented digital artists!

Proud of you little brother!