Sunday, November 30, 2008


Technically tomorrow is the first day of December, so this post is not too early...  If you really know Cassie and I you'll know that I set up our Christmas tree right after Halloween, Cassie left for a week to go slide in Canada, and I realized that I was going to be so busy and have so may other fun things to do that I wouldn't have time later, and I was right...

So here are the pictures of our Christmas set up:
We have three stockings because my brother lived with us last year and he doesn't have the awesome Christmas decorating skills that I possess...  So we kept his at our house... (Haley, Josh, Cassie is the order...  Cassie and I have angels because we are pretty angelic)
This is my pride and joy!  I love our tree so much because everything matches!  I like classy white/clear lights and everything on our tree is silver and most of it glitters!  Big snowflakes and icicles.  I really like when things all fit into one color palate it makes everything look so put together!  (This picture was taken in the dark so you can see the glow...)
My mom and dad gave us this wreath last year because it was our first Christmas with a house to put it on!  This door is perfect for the wreath :)
I had this tree when I was an undergrad in my room, now it is our second tree, in the kitchen!

These snowflakes come from the ornaments that are on our big tree, but it looks crowded with all the ornaments on it, so I hung these as you are going down the stairs to our apartment...

Thanksgiving, etc

Thanksgiving was really fun this year.  I got to go to my parents house in South Carolina for a few days which was nice because I have never really been there, since they have lived there and owned the house (I saw the house before it was actually theirs).  But here are some photos from Thursday-Friday

My dad let me drive his car!  I hadn't ever seen it, but it was so fun to drive
A mini photo shoot after the drive, I mean I had to get pictures of me looking cute in the new(ish) car!
Then we busted out guitar hero and taught my dad how to play!  It was actually really fun, I hadn't played since this summer when Landon and I used to play all the time
After my really long flights home, Cassie and I went down to the Revelli's where they had been crafting all day (I am so sad that I missed it all!)  But we did get some fun stuff done on the cricut.  If you have never used one of these they are AWESOME!  I want one really badly.  So we made this Haley & Cassie for our living room.  And me being my predictable self (for those that know me really well this is totally predictable...)  I made a monogram to put in my room!  I think everything turned out really well...

Steph made a super cute name sign for Micah's room, it was adorable, but I didn't take my camera so, no picture!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seriously, So Blessed...

If you have not read this blog it's so funny...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I just love these commercials, they make me shiver with awesome-ness every single time I see one of these.  Here is last years commercial and this years!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Utah v. TCU

Tonight, Tasha, Osiris, Brett and I went to the Utah game.  I had to wait in line on Monday morning for about 2 hours to get these tickets!  When I got to the front of the line they only had general admission tickets for $25 and my student ticket for free.  So the tickets were standing room only which technically means you don't have a seat but really everyone in the student section stands so we went down to a row and just sat there for the game.  To be honest, the game was kind boring until the last 2:40.  

The score was 10-6 with TCU winning when they missed two field goals, which was awesome because we really needed them to miss those field goals!  We got the ball back and drove down the field and scored a touchdown which was miraculous because we hadn't scored a touchdown the entire game!  

It was such a great game, it was totally worth waiting in line for all those hours in the cold on Monday morning....  

Thanks for coming guys!!
The final score!!
Rushing the field, BLACKOUT!
Tasha and I during halftime

The boys and their hair, they have a bet to see who will not cut their hair the longest... This is their hair currently...

First Snow of the Season...

We had the first snow of the season this week, Monday I believe... here is what it looked like!
My car covered in snow!

The front yard

Our porch...when I got home there was about 3 more inches on the deck...

The deck in the morning

Pumpkin post, a little late...

The pumpkin I carved on Halloween at the Revelli's!  It took me about 2 hours!  But it looks super cool!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More thoughts on the Election...

I do have to say that the historical nature of this election was not lost on this Republican.  I think that it is beyond amazing that a Black man is now President of a country that had a really hard time giving up slavery and with civil rights for people other than white men.  I think that this is an amazing time for our country and I hope that Obama can be the change that he talks about!  

The Republican party had it's chance to deal with the problems that the country is having and now it is only fair to let the Democrats have a shot at it, and we'll see if it is as easy as they think it is.

I also had a very hard time choosing who to vote for, I think that Barrack Obama is a very eloquent speaker and now we will have a chance to see if he can act on everything that he has said he would do.  I feel very strongly that John McCain was also the COMPLETE wrong choice for the Republican candidate.  If the GOP were really thinking about trying to win the election, they would have realized that McCain is "old Washington" (not just the fact that he is old, but the fact that he has been there for a long time) and that the country wanted someone different.  I personally feel that the GOP realized that when they chose Sarah Palin, an unknown from Alaska.  It would have been great if the GOP and Republicans across the US would have realized that the Independents and more conservative leaning Democrats would have been more likely to jump on board the GOP bandwagon and ride it all the way to the White House.

I hope that Obama, can live up to everything that he spoke about in his campaign...  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Obama

I will just preface this post with the fact that I voted for John McCain.

I was thinking tonight as I was watching the election coverage that when liberals or Democrats are likely not to win or face some sort of challenge, people talk about moving out of the country because they would rather move out of the country than live in the USA with a conservative, Republican President.  I think that it is really interesting that I have not heard a single conservative say that they are going to leave the country if Obama is elected President.  I heard and read many accounts, some celebrities and some "regular people", saying that if McCain were elected they would leave the country.  I think that is fundamentally un-American.  I identify (and am registered) as a Republican and I would never consider leaving this amazing country just because someone that I don't agree with was elected over the person that I wanted to win.  I think that it is our American right to disagree about our political ideals, that is what makes this country great!  I also think that there is a point where we all have to stand behind our leaders and have faith in their decisions, that has not happened over the last four years, for many reasons but we all have to realize that there are MANY things that we don't know about many decisions that are made in Washington and there is not a single person in the House, Senate, or the White House who does not have something ugly in their past. 

At this point, we need to move forward as a country and unite behind our new President (even if, like me, you do not agree with a single thing that he has said!)

Exercise YOUR right to choose who represents you!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thoughts and musings...

Sometimes I think too much and this is where this post comes from...

For a long time, I just knew that I was going to live in a large city with fantastic public transportation and all kinds of opportunities and then I moved back to Utah to work at the Utah Olympic Park and figure out what I was going to do with school, etc.  Then I was accepted to some law schools and I had a hard choice to make, move again across the country (to Virginia) or stay in Salt Lake and go to the U.  I am really thankful for the choice that I made to stay in Utah because it was/is the best choice for me, but I started thinking tonight that I really do want to live in a big city still (Boston, DC, somewhere like that)...  I want the experience of having a small apartment and being able to walk everywhere and I don't really know, how to explain it but I want to live in a city like that...

It definitely opens my mind to opportunities that might arise this summer as far as jobs go...  Now I need to get to my memo so that I can get the grades so that I can have the opportunity to go where ever I want to go!  

I am really glad that I had these thoughts because I kept saying that I was open to moving somewhere else but I don't think that in my heart I was open to that but now I know that I am.  I know that I where ever I choose to go I will still be supported within the church and everyone that loves me.  Also I know that if I don't take full advantage of every opportunity that I am given I will never know what could have been or what I should have done.