Sunday, November 30, 2008


Technically tomorrow is the first day of December, so this post is not too early...  If you really know Cassie and I you'll know that I set up our Christmas tree right after Halloween, Cassie left for a week to go slide in Canada, and I realized that I was going to be so busy and have so may other fun things to do that I wouldn't have time later, and I was right...

So here are the pictures of our Christmas set up:
We have three stockings because my brother lived with us last year and he doesn't have the awesome Christmas decorating skills that I possess...  So we kept his at our house... (Haley, Josh, Cassie is the order...  Cassie and I have angels because we are pretty angelic)
This is my pride and joy!  I love our tree so much because everything matches!  I like classy white/clear lights and everything on our tree is silver and most of it glitters!  Big snowflakes and icicles.  I really like when things all fit into one color palate it makes everything look so put together!  (This picture was taken in the dark so you can see the glow...)
My mom and dad gave us this wreath last year because it was our first Christmas with a house to put it on!  This door is perfect for the wreath :)
I had this tree when I was an undergrad in my room, now it is our second tree, in the kitchen!

These snowflakes come from the ornaments that are on our big tree, but it looks crowded with all the ornaments on it, so I hung these as you are going down the stairs to our apartment...


Em said...

I love when the ornaments all match too. Last year we did all white and silver and it was gorgeous! This year we have to change things up and use nonbreakable ones so it'll probably be red and silver. Hope it looks as pretty as yours!