Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving, etc

Thanksgiving was really fun this year.  I got to go to my parents house in South Carolina for a few days which was nice because I have never really been there, since they have lived there and owned the house (I saw the house before it was actually theirs).  But here are some photos from Thursday-Friday

My dad let me drive his car!  I hadn't ever seen it, but it was so fun to drive
A mini photo shoot after the drive, I mean I had to get pictures of me looking cute in the new(ish) car!
Then we busted out guitar hero and taught my dad how to play!  It was actually really fun, I hadn't played since this summer when Landon and I used to play all the time
After my really long flights home, Cassie and I went down to the Revelli's where they had been crafting all day (I am so sad that I missed it all!)  But we did get some fun stuff done on the cricut.  If you have never used one of these they are AWESOME!  I want one really badly.  So we made this Haley & Cassie for our living room.  And me being my predictable self (for those that know me really well this is totally predictable...)  I made a monogram to put in my room!  I think everything turned out really well...

Steph made a super cute name sign for Micah's room, it was adorable, but I didn't take my camera so, no picture!