Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am famous!

I was looking through pictures from the games and I found this one:

It's a skeleton slider, going into MY IDEA for skeleton stopping that I came up with during World Cup in Park City!  Being used in the OLYMPICS!   It's my claim to fame :)

Monday, March 1, 2010


My Olympic addiction started when I was a junior in high school and the Winter Olympic Games came to Salt Lake City in 2002. I had the great opportunity to skate in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and experience the greatness that was the Olympic experience.

After I graduated from high school I went on to the University of Michigan and managed in Sports Management. During the summers I worked at one of the venues that was created for the 2002 games, the Utah Olympic Park. I have worked for the Utah Athletic Foundation since I was 19 years old, or 6 years! I worked in various capacities at the Utah Olympic Park, and now teach Learn to Skate at the Utah Olympic Oval. The legacy foundation (UAF) has been very good to me and I cannot explain the amazing experiences that working for the 2002 Legacy venues has brought me.

I started law school during the Fall of 2008, and subsequently started the second best job I've ever had, a the Office of Athletics Compliance for the University of Utah Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. It has combined my love of sports and love of interpreting and implementing rules, and helping people.

Growing up and working in Park City, UT and at the UOP and UOO means that you get to know people with amazing stories and fantastic dreams. Here are a few stories of people that I know, who are achieving their dreams in Vancouver at the 2010 Winter Olympics:

Steve Holcomb: I don't think I need to say any more about this man, other than I am so proud of him for standing up in his Olympic moment and really showing those Germans! He couldn't have done it alone of course, he needed his push men, Steve Mesler and Justin Olsen and his trusty brakeman Curt Tomasevicz. SO proud of the Night Train team!

Brett Camerota: I went to high school with Brett and his twin brother Eric. They were both sorta shy at school but super smart. Brett has also trained at the Park for a very long time (forever maybe). Brett was a member of the US Nordic Combined team that won the historic silver medal this week! Nordic and Nordic Combined skiers don't benefit from the sponsorship of the US Ski Team, like "regular skiers" (think Lindsay Vonn and Bode Miller). Their dedication in the face of adversity is one of the great stories of the Games!

Jeret "Speedy" Peterson: Speedy has trained at the Park for as long as I can remember. He is such a great guy and totally deserving of his success. Speedy is good friends with one my best friends Tia. After all he has been through I am so happy for Speedy and his success. Tell me you all saw him throw the HURRICANE?!? (Tia and I talked this week about how we were stress eating for our friends! Getting so nervous for them in their Olympic opportunity, it was a funny moment!)

Scotty Bahrke: Scotty has been one of my friends for a few years. He was an alternate to the US Freestyle Aerials Team this year for the 2010 games. When Dylan Furgeson had appendecitis and got a subsequent infection from the surgery, Scotty stepped in. Scotty didn't make the finals in a very talented Men's Aerials Field, but he did his job, he threw his biggest tricks and went for it all. Scotty has so much heart and I am so proud to know him. He is really shooting for the 2014 Sochi games. His last name might sound familiar, his sister is Shannon Bahrke, Bronze Medallist, Women's moguls. Olympic excellence runs in the family! Great work Shannon and Scotty!

I love the Olympics and I am so sad that they are going to be over so soon!