Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Obama

I will just preface this post with the fact that I voted for John McCain.

I was thinking tonight as I was watching the election coverage that when liberals or Democrats are likely not to win or face some sort of challenge, people talk about moving out of the country because they would rather move out of the country than live in the USA with a conservative, Republican President.  I think that it is really interesting that I have not heard a single conservative say that they are going to leave the country if Obama is elected President.  I heard and read many accounts, some celebrities and some "regular people", saying that if McCain were elected they would leave the country.  I think that is fundamentally un-American.  I identify (and am registered) as a Republican and I would never consider leaving this amazing country just because someone that I don't agree with was elected over the person that I wanted to win.  I think that it is our American right to disagree about our political ideals, that is what makes this country great!  I also think that there is a point where we all have to stand behind our leaders and have faith in their decisions, that has not happened over the last four years, for many reasons but we all have to realize that there are MANY things that we don't know about many decisions that are made in Washington and there is not a single person in the House, Senate, or the White House who does not have something ugly in their past. 

At this point, we need to move forward as a country and unite behind our new President (even if, like me, you do not agree with a single thing that he has said!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post Haley. I agree that we all have the right to a different opinion. You said on facebook that you do not want people to disrespect your opinion, so I hope you take my comments as continuing the discussion rather than an attack, but I wanted to give some explanation about the feeling that some had that they wanted to leave the country if McCain won.

First, I think that most of these people are probably good and patriotic citizens as evidenced by the fact that they actually cared who became president. It seems to me that those who do not care are the ones who are not patriotic.

Second, claiming a desire to move away only comes from the fact that they had felt so disenfranchised for the past 8 years under the Bush administration and perhaps for even longer. I know that to me it has felt like we have not been moving forward as a country for even longer than 8 years. Claiming a desire to move away if McCain won the election is a reflection of the feeling that there is no hope for change and a feeling that you are tired of working hard to make things different and never seeing any results.

While I appreciate your view that McCain supporters have not stated that they would move away if Obama won, I also do not think they they are in quite the same position because they have had their conservative president for the past 8 years.

Brooke said...

Haley, my comments below were not supposed to show up as anonymous! This is Brooke Ashton from the branch.

Em said...

Haley, I do disagree with you on who should be president, but this was a great post. Thanks for posting it. I am generally a conservative too but just didn't feel right about McCain from the get go. I haven't been thrilled with Bush and have felt very disconnected for years, but I would have to agree that saying they are going to move out of the country is very immature. Just one note though, a friend on facebook (McCain supporter) just said that she was going to create a her own country called Nobama. Just as immature! I disagree that it is one sided.