Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Plant Based Update

I know my 5 blog readers have been dying to know how plant based living has been going.  Well I'll be honest with you, it hasn't.

I had to go on a work trip to Mammoth Mountain, CA for 10 days.  I got sick about three days before we left and couldn't stop feeling nauseated.  If any of my 5 readers are in the sports industry, you'll know that "work trip" is code for working nearly 24/7 and tending to people's needs.  At least most of my work trips are.  So while in Mammoth I stayed mostly plant based, and there was no meat involved, just dairy.  When I got home I struggled to get back on the wagon because, you guys, these foods are addictive, toxic, and hard to get out of your body once they are there.  I was still busy with another event happening in Park City the week after Mammoth.  So I felt like crap, not surprisingly.

For the last two weeks I have been working on weaning myself back off dairy and some meat, I am not going to lie, its been hard, but so worth it.  By today I am back to whole foods and plant based eating.

On another note, I finally watched Forks Over Knives last night.  If you haven't seen it and you are a meat eater, you probably should watch it for your own edification.  Most of the people in my life are meat eaters and this worries me a little bit.  By all means I am not suggesting you all go vegan (all 5 of my readers), but it is something to consider, if not going all the way, maybe reduce your consumption a little.  Forks Over Knives is on Netflix, if your interested!

I was babysitting all week so I am one run behind in C25K so I am off to do that now, before I got to Yoga in the Park sponsored by Lululemon.  Have I mentioned how happy I am to be living in Park City?


sashaline said...

Stick with it! The meat is something that you stop craving for sure after about 6 months, the rest of it, well, that's harder. I know that I feel better when I'm drinking green smoothies and eating whole foods, but when stress shows up it doesn't take much for me to start living on refined sugar. But it sounds like you've got a great plan laid out and a fantastic attitude, I wish you all the best with it, it inspires me to get back to some of the things I know I should be doing.