Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 28: Someone that changed your life

These last few letters have been pretty hard to write, it's taken some serious soul searching, but this one is pretty easy for me.

Dearest Katie Clifford-

I hope that when you were religiously reading my blog and saw on the 28th day I would be writing to someone that changed my life that you knew this letter would be to you.

I've written so many times on this blog about how grateful I am to have had you as my intern supervisor in the Summer of 2010.  At that point I was in law school with one year left and totally unsure of what I wanted to do after I graduated.  I knew that I loved the Olympic Movement and fell more in love with it that summer.  Not only were you an amazing supervisor, giving me projects and trusting me to complete them, you were great at listening to the drama that seemed to pop up daily within the intern group.  Some of my favorite moments were coming into your cube, sitting on your filing cabinet chair and dishing up the gossip.

You changed my life by letting me know that I can go for the things I want even if it is unexpected with the education that I have.  That it is ok if I have a law degree and don't practice law.  You also taught me, and sometimes forced it down my throat, that I deserve better than a guy who will love me and leave me.  That I didn't have to accept the tiny bit of affection that someone at the time was giving me, that I deserved more.

I am grateful that you are my life coach/mentor!  I miss you!


Your all time favorite Intern