Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 16: Someone that is not in your state/country

Today's letter was pretty difficult for me to write to one person, since I move so much most people aren't in the same state as I am currently.  So I decided to write to someone I WISH was in the same state.


We haven't talked in a few weeks and I feel lost!  I never expected to meet such a good friend living in the dorms at the USOC OTC in Colorado Springs.  I had terrible roommate experiences before you, and I haven't had that many roommates after you (only Jens for a few months), so basically you turned around my whole perspective on roommates.

You understand me in a way no other friend in my life has.  We can talk for hours and know exactly where the other person is coming from.  I miss our chats in "the mansh" with the lights off when we should have been sleeping in our awesome twin beds.  I am glad that we decided to go out that night when we had already decided to stay in.  You push me in ways that I need to be pushed.  When I am ready to give up on something that I really want, you remind em of the end goal and how important it is to me.  You were there with me when I finished my first half marathon this year in Nashville, like a stud you did the full 26.2.  I am excited for our race this year, where ever we decide is cheapest ;)  I am grateful that when we saw each other in Nashville in April it was like we hadn't been apart for one day but we hadn't seen each other in 18 months.  That's what real friendships are about, and I am glad to have that in my life.

Love you rooms-