Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 1: Your Best Friend

This one is hard for me because I am the type of person who has a few really good friends, so I am going to write multiple letters for this one.

Dear WP-
{Frequent readers of my blog will already know about this group.  If you aren't a frequent reader see here, here, and here}  I am constantly amazed at how great friendships can evolve even when you don't see the other people.  You ladies are such a source of strength for me.  We are all driven and ambitious women yet that has never gotten in the way of our friendship.  We're able to have fun in any situation and we always have each others back.  I love that we have Facebook group messages and attempt for months to arrange get togethers (that really needs to happen soon people).  I am grateful for you all and the roles that you play in my life.  Thank you for always being around when I need you and for knowing exactly what to say.  I love you guys!
Love, Hales

Dear Fab Five-
{Again I post about these ladies a lot, here's the most comprehensive post}
You ladies are probably my longest friendships, we're going on 10+ years and we still hang out!  I am so happy that we've kept in touch through going away for college/jobs and somehow always coming back together.  I am grateful that I will get to be a part of your children's lives and I cannot wait to be Aunt Haley, three times in the next 6 months!  Those babies are going to be the luckiest kids ever to have you as moms.  We're also getting a new husband in our group in the form of Dylan, an excellent addition to the Fab Five Husband Gang.  I'm excited for us to get to skate together again, lets get working on that asap once those babies are born, and Meg-move back please!  I would have to say that our group messages are some of the funniest moments of my life, and they definitely got me through some of the sad days of being alone in Upstate New York.  We've been through a lot together and I am sure there are many many more years to come, I can't wait for the pictures of us as old ladies.  I love you ladies and I am the luckiest girl to have you in my life.

You are my oldest friend and I am so glad that we have maintained our friendship through all these years.  From playing in your parents or my grandparents house to attending your wedding almost 2 years ago, we've come a long way!  I hope that we are able to get together more as we become more "grown ups" even though we are a country apart.  I also hope I get to know Jonathan.  You are so talented {aside for blog readers, check her out here} and I can't wait to have more significant life events so that you can design my invites and announcements!  I'm grateful that we have the internet to further connect us across the miles and for all the memories we have from our adorable childhood.  See you soon friend!

Despite the fact that in high school you told me I was trying to hard to be your friend, in a note, I'm including you in this post.  We've quickly become BFF since I randomly FB messaged you asking WTF was happening with your job at USSA.  We've come a long way since HS, maybe not geographically since we work about 10 minutes from our HS, but I think that we are smarter and def funnier.  Love our daily CBs and mailroom runs, frequent trips to aWokAway and my first trip to Copper.  I am grateful for someone at work who I can ask dumb questions to and even though you will probably make fun of me, I still get an answer.  I also look forward to the education on cinema I will receive through this friendship, I think we have like 10 straight days of movies that I have to watch.  Also today is your bday!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I could write so many more, but there are more days to come where people fit!  So I will limit this now so I don't duplicate letters, plus I've gotta keep you coming back.


Anonymous said...

HALEY!!! I'm pretty excited about these I shall have a reason to stalk your blog EVERYDAY!!

Your favorite non-creepy blog stalker

Haley said...

I was thinking I know someone who enjoys a good blog stalk who will really like my increased posting...

Angie @ Angie's Nest said...

Love you too Haley! I'm SO so glad you moved back so at least 4 of the Fab Five could be reunited. Can't wait to see all the letters you write. Such a fun idea for your blog!

Chelsea said...

This is presh! You're right, we have come a long way since high school. I'm glad we've rekindled our friendship. I've had a lot of really great times since you've arrived back in PC. And, let's be honest, you're currently my only friend residing in PC, so I'm sure we'll have many more great times together!