Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 9: Someone you wish you could meet

I love the show The Biggest Loser.  Watching people transform their lives is beyond cool.  My all time favorite season is Season 11.

I think this was the last season where the people were in it to really get healthy and change their lives.  In more recent seasons, particularly season 13 the people were clearly in the it to win the game and not for the correct purpose.  My favorite two contestants from this season were Hannah and Olivia.  For some reason I connected with them and really saw myself in their journey.  Here are their before/after shots:


Did I mention that Olivia ended up winning the show and Hannah got second place?  Which all goes to prove that if you are in something for the right reasons, you get rewarded!  Hannah and Olivia blog here, and they are totally inspirational if you need some today (or any day).

Hannah and Olivia-

You guys!  First I have to tell you how amazingly inspirational!  I watched your season when it aired and since then I have watched the entire thing twice on Netflix.  Whenever I need a bit of motivation to continue on my weight loss journey I look to the two of you and you never disappoint.  You both have done such an amazing job of staying fit and making sure you stay positive for everyone.  I love you guys and I think that we are all lucky that you were picked for the show and decided to change your lives.  

Thanks for being amaze balls!

Love ya