Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 3: Your Parents

Thanks for birthing me!  For keeping me in your uterus a full two weeks after my due date and making it to the hospital in a North Mississippi snowstorm.  I guess that with an entrance to the world on a snowy day in Mississippi, I was meant to live and work in a winter sport environment.

I am grateful for your unwavering support, even when you don't understand why I am choosing to follow the path I am on.  You are a fantastic example of strength through everything we have taken on as a family.  Never giving up in the face of adversity, I am proud to have such a strong example of what a mother and wife should be.

Thanks for always making sure I have everything that I need to succeed, even now that I'm a "grown up".  I am the person I am today because of what you and Dad have provided for me.  I know there is no way I can ever repay you for everything that you have given to me and I hope I can make you proud.

Your first born

I like to make fun of you by thanking you for every weird thing I possess: bad knees and long monkey toes to name a few.  However, I do think that the number of non-werid things I got from you far exceeds the weirdness.  From you I get my drive to do and be better, even if that requires moving once a year.  I got my conservative political view point and my argumentative nature (although the latter is a combo of you and mom, which makes me SUPER argumentative).  You also gave me you love for mountain towns, and I am glad that you can come visit me in your favorite of those mountain towns.

You are a fantastic example of what happens when you go after what you want and work hard to achieve success.  You've always wanted to live overseas and you never thought a kid from North East Mississippi would get that chance.  Not only did you get that chance, you've lived in Scotland for 2.5  years and you got to experience that adventure with mom.  I am grateful that I was able to fly over for Thanksgiving and experience it too.

I am grateful for the example that you have set for me on what a husband and father should be.  Every man in my life is compared to you and those that come close can have a place, those that don't can leave.  Thanks for supporting me unconditionally, I love you daddy.

Your favorite Daughter