Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 6: A Stranger

Initially I had a hard time thinking of how you write a letter to a stranger because I guess I do not interact with that many strangers.  The idea for this person came to me when I was brushing my teeth last night...

Dear Lady walking up the stairs at the Maverick Center during the Eric Church Concert between Justin Moore and Eric Church on November 17th, 2012--

I am sure that you thought your comment about my outfit was well meaning and appropriate, but it was neither.  Since you do not know me, it was extremely inappropriate for you to say to me as you walked by that I needed a longer skirt.  First, its none of your business.  Second, I am not sure if you were looking around but there were countless other people that you could have said something too about the inappropriateness of their outfits.  I followed the golden rule, if you are showing skin on your legs then you don't show skin on top.  Also my skirt was not too short, it was completely appropriate not only for a concert on a Saturday night but I actually wore that dress to work and it was 100% appropriate.  Third, if you feel like you need to say something like the comment you said to me, maybe think twice before actually voicing it.  You have no idea what I go through every time I pick out something to wear.  I try on 5 or 6 different things, trying to decide whether or not it looks appropriate, that is what you do when you are supremely self conscious about how you look.  I waited for that concert for 3 months and it was amazing, but your comment in that moment almost ruined the whole thing for me.  You seriously rude and inconsiderate comment made this, strong on the outside girl breakdown.  You made me cry, in the middle of one of the best nights of my life.  Luckily, Eric Church was so amazing that I mostly forgot about your comment, but I wanted to write you this letter and put it out into the universe since I didn't get the chance to tell you this in person, you suck.

Thank you for your time-
The appropriate dress wearing girl in section 111, seat 14 at the Maverick Center for the Eric Church Concert.


Angie @ Angie's Nest said...

Take that, biotch! Having known you for over 10 years now, I can say you are beautiful, classy, and totally appropriate.

P.S. I love the classy ladies' Golden Rule of appropriate clothing. Totally agree on that one!