Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Trip to Blanding

This past weekend, Erin, Tasha, Carrie, Nicole and I went to Blanding, UT.  Nicole is from Blanding and her family has a cabin outside of Blanding.  It was such a fun weekend, the drive was super long but I think that I laughed more on the car ride down than I have in a LONG time!  Once we got there at like 1 am Saturday morning we watched a REALLY scary movie and stayed up until 4 am... 

Saturday we went 4-wheeling around the cabin and that was really fun until I tried to kill Tasha and myself on the huge hill, and Nicole had to come down and drive the 4-wheeler up the hill for us!  But then Tasha tried to kill us two more times, but we were really adventuresome and had a crazy ride.  That night, Nicole's sweet mom, dad and brother made dinner for us and it was AWESOME!  Her nephews are so super cute.  Saturday night we watched another scary movie and Tasha and Erin scared the living daylights out of Carrie and I!

Sunday we woke up and the pipes had frozen because it was SO cold!  So we went down to Nicole's parents house to finishing getting ready and then we went to Church.  It was fast and testimony meeting and the little kids in family wards are the cutest!  My favorite was one kid who went up with his mom and he said something that was really not easy to hear so then his mom bore her testimony and said that he heard some of the other kids speaking and he said "Jesus loves me too" and he wanted to get up and say that in the microphone!  He was so adorable!  After church we went home and all took naps, it was the most amazing nap that I have taken in a really long time!  Nicole's parents made us a really nice lunch/dinner and then we headed home.  

It was a great drive back with Carrie, I'm glad that we got to talk more and get to know each other!!  Here are some pictures from the trip, I forgot my camera so these are all from Tasha and Carrie
After 4-wheeling: Erin, Tasha, Carrie, Nicole, and me in front
Tasha and I on the 4-wheeler: pre-near death experience
Trying to reverse the 4-wheeler
After I nearly killed us, Nicole fixing my mess

All of us minus Carrie, taking a 4-wheeling break!

Also, its fall break so I am not in school for the next week and I am outlining my classes and trying to get more on top of things!  Have a great week everyone!