Saturday, October 18, 2008


I thought that we needed some Halloween spirit around our house (other than the ever present pink pumpkin).  So I got some pumpkins at the store and carved our first inital into them because I thought it looked classy and cute.  I also did some polka dots around the pumpkin.  I just scraped the skin off for the polka dots so it's more of a glowing effect (I was still channeling Martha Stewart...)!  They are really cute, here are the pictures of the event!

It was a messy project...Note the HUGE stack of books in the back right of this picture, those books were spread out all around the table all week as I was doing my outlines!
C is for Cassie!
One for me...
All lit up (on the fireplace, because it was not dark enough outside, and I couldn't wait.  Mostly I needed to make sure they were perfect before I cleaned up the mess!)

I tried to get a picture of the polka dots, thats the best I could do!