Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posting this week!  Most of you reading this know what went down last Friday.  My brother, Josh was in an accident at work and ended up in the hospital.  He had a closed skull fracture and spent Friday-Sunday in the hospital, first in the ICU and then in a "ghetto room" as he calls it.  He really liked his room in the ICU more than the other room, mostly because it was bigger and in his own words "I had hotter nurses in the ICU"...  That is how I know that he is getting better, he is making comments like that...

My mom flew in on Saturday to help me out because she wanted to be here.  I think that I could have handled everything myself but I would be much more tired right now than I already am!  I am really glad that she could come and help and she was a HUGE help.

So I was running on adrenaline all weekend, and I began to CRASH on Monday.  For some strange reason I cannot even pretend to sleep until 1am!  I am really not sure why that is going on, because I definitely am awake most of the day, and unfortunately I don't get to take naps, but I am not tired until then so...

Sunday, Cassie and I went down to Micah's birthday party and it was so much fun!  He is so funny and was such a cute 1 year old!  Adam and Steph put together the cutest video of when Micah was born.  He totally made a huge mess with his cake and loved all his presents!  He is going to be such a funny toddler, I can't wait until he starts talking because man is that going to be funny!

Josh is doing much better, thanks for all the prayers and offers of help, I really appreciate it!


David & Katie said...

Hey this totally reminded me - I'm throwing a bday party for Jett on Saturday at 1 (at the Bahr's house) if you can come we'd love to see you! :)

And PS we still need to hang out, you know when you're not so insanely busy!!!