Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Break 2010

Last year for fall break I went here to visit my parents.  This year Fall Break came so fast I didn't even have time to decide if I wanted to go anywhere.  I swear each year of my life just goes 10 times faster than the previous one.

This year for Fall Break I chose to stay home and "get my act together" a phrase I commonly use nearly everyday.  When you're doing as much as I am right now a week without just one of those things is extremely helpful for one's sanity!  Don't get me wrong there are plenty of things that need to get done this week actually like three weeks worth of things to get done in 1 week, but there's just something about not having to be a specific place at a specific time that makes you feel so free!

Some of the things I hope to get accomplished this week:
-Clean apartment: CHECK
-Reading for the week after break
-Start seminar paper
-Make a check list of things that need to get done for my Bar application and a timeline (yes, I am a dork and make lists with timelines)
-Get some of the things on the checklist/timeline done
-Use the mani/pedi Groupon that I bought 2 months ago
-Teach skating
-Finish Athlete Agreement for US Speedskating
-Ed Session for Tech Support
-Have Bollywood number ready for Synchro practice on Sunday
-Run 16 miles
-Catch up on sleep

Here's hoping that at least some of this gets done!