Monday, April 23, 2012

12/30: Day in the Life

My days are pretty similar so here goes:

6am: wake up call, the dogs are ready to go outside and Harriet is ready to eat.

6:15ish: shower

6:30: the coffee pot automatically turns on so when I'm done in the shower, the coffee is ready

6:45-7:30am: watch recorded TV from the night before.  I am not a night owl so I can't stay up late watching shows that don't even start until 10am, I know that makes me super lame, its fine.  This also gives my hair time to air dry because it takes forever otherwise!

7:30-8:30: get ready for work while watching the news.

8:45ish: try to leave for the office, depends on how long it takes for Sam and Ruby to do their business outside...   Make sure they have treats in their kennels.

9-noon: work, depending on the time of the year this includes lots of emails or lots of time downstairs chatting.

noon-1pm: home to let the dogs out and to eat lunch. I usually talk to my mom either on the way to work or on the way home for lunch because of the time difference, but I do talk to her nearly everyday.

1-5: more work

5:15-6:30: workout, usually a run at the gym, a walk for the dogs, and an interval circuit training session.

7:00: make dinner

7:30- watch tv, blog, get ready for the next day.

10pm-in bed, 6am comes really early...