Sunday, April 22, 2012

11/30: 10 Pet Peeves

1. People who change their personalities based on the people they are around.  It's hard to be genuinely yourself when that goes against the grain, but its SO annoying when people act differently based on their company.

2. Entitlement. I could go on and on forever about this one, but people lets keep it simple, you work for what you want so that you deserve the benefits.

3. Micromanagers. You hire someone to do a job, let them do it!

4. The opposite of a micromanager: uber-delegator.  When you farm out parts of your job to everyone else besides yourself.  Same concept as #3, you hire someone to do their job, they should do it.

5. Telemarketers.  They call my office everyday!  Along with these calls we also get junk mail in fax form!  Seriously?!  Who sends a spam fax?

6. Overly attentive sales people.  If I told you I was just looking or that I was fine, I am still fine 5 minutes later.

7. Bad parkers.  I hate when people park so close to the lines that you can't get out of your care when parked properly.  It also leads to a chain reaction going all the way down the parking row.  Is it that hard to reverse and realign yourself? No its not.

8. Social media over-sharers.  We all know them, the people that put every emotion out there for the world to see.  Don't get my wrong I am just as addicted to the social media as the next girl, but you don't know every aspect of my relationship {or lack there of} via my Twitter account.

9. Airport Security Line holder uppers.  Seriously people it has been 10 plus years since these new security precautions were enacted...  You are still going to have to take off your shoes, have all your liquids out and stand like you are being frisked while radiation zaps you.  Be prepared. I once had a lady in a sing song voice say to me "she's done this before" because I had my laptop and liquids out and ready to be scanned, my shoes and jacket off and said thank you.  It's not hard there's a long line, get ready while you are waiting, I promise the people will thank you even though they give you strange looks.

10. People who walk away and keep talking...  I can't hear you!