Friday, May 4, 2012

23/30: 5 Hobbies

5 hobbies...

1. Reading. I have always loved to read.  This goes back to when I was a kid, I have always loved to read.  Books can take you places that you sometimes can't go.  A good book can keep you entertained for hours, it also makes you smart.

2. Scrapbooking. Yes I know this makes me a stereotypically someone from Utah.  I haven't been as good about getting things documented, mostly because I moved away from Steph.  We used to have scrapbooking dates and I would be totally caught up to present day but now I am probably two years behind. I love scrapbooking because it lets you take a walk down memory lane whenever you want.  It's a tangible documentation of your life, and as someone who went to law school, I like documentation.

3. Writing this blog. It is so freeing.  I like that I can come here and write what I want, and put it out there for the world.  Half the time I think that no one is reading, but the other half of the time I get sweet notes from my friends about a post or about how something that I am doing inspires them.  The feeling you get when someone says that to you is pretty cool.

4. Hiking with the dogs.  I love to take the dogs out into the woods, they don't really mind it either.  Taking some time just for me to walk around in the woods, up a mountain, to just think about anything and everything or even nothing at all.  I think that I always need to live around mountains because I don't know if I could live without a place like that to go in my life.

5. Baking.  I think that I totally missed my calling sometimes.  I love to bake and people tell me that I am good at it.  Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite/speciality but recently I have been branching out into other cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and breads.  I think that one day I would love to open my own bakery, but that is a pipe dream.