Thursday, May 3, 2012


This one is really easy for me.  With the insane amount of time it takes to travel anywhere from my current location, I would like the ability to either fly or teleport.  That way I could see my family more often, because spending time with my Aunt and her family this weekend was so fun...  I got to see other sides of my cousins that you don't see during the holidays, which is usually the only time I get to see them.  I love that my littlest cousin Annie has this fantastic imagination and all she does all day is think of great things to do and she loves to read.  Those are things that I wouldn't know unless I got to spend that time with them this past weekend.

If I could pick another super power it would be reading minds.  That would take away the guessing game when you are trying to figure out what people are thinking...  It is a double edged sword though, because it take some of the intrigue out of relationships.

What would your super power be?  Let me know in the comments!