Thursday, October 18, 2012

I've Moved! (2 months late)

I think that all of my friends are super talented and I love when I can take advantage of their talents to create something for me!  

Sara Beth and I have been friends since I can remember, probably 4-5 years old.  We used to run around at her house or my house or my grandmas when we moved away.  We made up a song that I remember to this day with our initials:

Best friends, you and me
When we meet you will see
Best friends, you and me

I think that this was spawned from us getting one of those best friends necklaces, you know what I am talking about, the broken heart with the BE FRI on one heart and the ST ENDS on the other... I went to her wedding almost 2 years ago and it was amazing to see her so happy.  Here are some classic photos from our younger years... 
Girl Scout Camp 
My Birthday, probably 5th?  I know it's not my 4th birthday because for some reason SBP spent that entire party crying...
6th birthday probably, always right next to each other.

When I found out that I was moving back to Utah I knew that I needed her expertise.  On Pinterest, I'd found some super cute "I've Moved" post cards with your new address and information on them.  Sara Beth is an amazing graphic designer and artist and I knew anything she did for me would be perfect!  This blog post is insanely late because I've had these fantastic cards since I left Lake Placid, but just today got around to getting postcard stamps from the Post Office...  These are hitting the mail tomorrow but I couldn't help but post them today!

Front of the card


SBP(C) will for sure be doing all the paper goods/invites for anything and everything in my life because I didn't give her much direction and these are exactly what I wanted!  I love the colors and the keys and especially the circle on the back with the mountains.  Check out her website Nimblee, she's also on Facebook.

Thanks SBP!  Love you!