Monday, October 8, 2012

I like you

I teach a Learn to Skate class on Tuesdays.  In my class are three little boys all under 4 years old.  Some people might think that this is the worst/hardest class to teach, but it is my absolute favorite.  The three kiddos in my class have the biggest imaginations and it makes the class go by so quickly.  I mean when your objectives for the 6-8 weeks of class are to fall down, stand up, and walk across the ice, you need some fun thrown in there.

Two weeks ago we had a particularly fun class where everyone did really well and made large strides in their ability to skate.  When class is over I make sure to go talk to all the parents (its only 3 sets of parents) before I go home.  When I was done talking to one parent his little boy, Haiden, said "Miss Haley, I like you!" It was the cutest and most genuine thing.  I love how little kids have no filter, the funniest and the sweetest things come out of their mouths!

All I could think was how easy it was for a little 4 year old to be completely honest in expressing his feelings and how great it would be if as we get older if we could only keep that complete honesty in our interaction with the opposite sex.  Wouldn't it be great if the relationships from our past didn't make us think twice about telling someone how we really feel?

Just something to think about on a Monday night :)