Saturday, November 3, 2007

Big Decisions

So Josh and I are living together in Salt Lake and working together (sort of) at the Utah Olympic Park. He really likes his job on the track crew-making ice on the track so that the athletes (our roommate being one of them) can slide on their skeletons, bobsleds, or luge-s. We are getting along great. I am studying for the LSAT hoping that Kaplan will be the "magic" that raises my score to a place where it will be more of a reflection on my capabilities. Don't get me wrong I am putting in lots of work to raise that score, which I should be doing now but...this seemed like it should be updated.

I miss all my friends in Ann Arbor terribly however I am adjusting to a new "crowd". Cassie and I have taken to hanging out with the US Ski Team-mostly the freestylers who train at the park. They have a "band" who play Monday nights at a bar in Park City we are their official groupies-we have t-shirts! Their names are Tim and Austin-hence the T and A on our T-shirts and in the photo!

Ok I should probably get back to studying so that I can do well on my practice test that is tomorrow morning!

Have wonderful weekends everyone!
and oh ya...GO BLUE beat Michigan State!!