Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Panic Attack

T-3 days until the LSAT and I have been kicking things into high gear with the prep. I feel like a could study for an entire year and still learn more, but I have made huge leaps and bounds since the start of my Kaplan class. I had my second tutoring session and I am feeling pretty ready to get in there and knock the snot out of the test. I am going to do at least 4 sections tomorrow and probably another 4 on Friday so that I can be sure that I did everything possible to get the highest score possible.

So today while I was studying at work, I finished a logic games section (which I used to be so bad at, but since have internalized the Kaplan method and rock the section out!) and began to check the answers. I check them all and I felt like something was wrong because I got 4 RIGHT out of 24, when normally I'd been getting 20/24. So I took a break had a meeting with my boss about a few new products that we might sell at the park. Suddenly, I felt so sick that I almost threw up right on him! I walked away from the meeting feeling really dizzy and not good. Then I decided that I should go over the games so that I don't make the same mistakes on Test day. So I start looking at the answers and I had them mostly right!! I couldn't believe it! I ended up getting 21/24 on the session! And suddenly felt so much better about things!