Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Passion + Goals = Success

Those of you that read this blog--even if you've just glanced at the archives--you know that I LOVE to bake/create sweet treats.  I am famous for my cupcakes--my pumpkin heath bar cupcakes have been called "the best cupcake I have ever had"--by my former boss.  Well with my new goals and new life direction I was feeling kinda sad that I wasn't going to be able to bake anymore--because who wants that temptation in their house?  When I bake it is usually for others in the first place.  I never just bake a batch of cupcakes or cookies for myself but once they are done and before they go out the door somehow you lose track of just how many you ate and how many were given away.

I have been determined to figure out how to make treats that are good for you, enter these babies...

These are completely amazing, it sounds simple but (a) I never thought of it before and (b) who would think that frozen hot chocolate would taste as good as ice cream?  In this version I used Fat Free Hot Chocolate--you literally make the hot chocolate, let it cool and then stick it in the freezer.  I used these cute baby mason jars that I may or may not also use to make skittle vodka--they are perfect for one package of hot chocolate and they are portioned out, I dieter's dream.  The other fantastic thing about these little gems---25 calories!  SERIOUSLY people the best thing since sliced wheat bread!


Normally I am not a cheesecake fan, but since these babies pack only 107 calories each I had to give them a go.  The crust is made with grape nuts which gets the perfect level of crunch on the bottom-with a few sprays of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.  There is no sugar in these, the flavors are accomplished with vanilla yogurt and a little honey.  These are so good (1) because they taste awesome, (2) they are portion controlled!  I have never been the person that can buy a bag of cookies and have them last 2-3 weeks--that bag lasts 2-3 days at the most which obviously is in direct conflict with the stated goals to the right!

Both of these recipes come from the Biggest Loser Cookbook, which is amazing by the way nearly all my meals come from that book.  I think the best selling point for me is that the recipes are done by serving sizes so it's not like you have a ton of food left over to binge on.  You can get the cookbook here (I have not been paid to advertise this book--I just love it).

Lastly, here is a pic of me doing something fun (besides baking)--hanging out at the Yankee game-with Amy, Operations Coordinator for the LPOTC