Friday, July 1, 2011

June Update

As promised this is my accountability space for this journey.  While it pained me to weight myself in the middle of the week (I usually like Mondays)--today is the first day of July therefore time for the report of how June went and how much weight I lost.

My June goal was to lose 12 pounds.  I almost got there.  I lost 9--which is pretty good but still a tad dissapointing.  Here is a recap of weeks 3, 4 and 5.

Week 3
Fairly uneventful-I discovered this week that I need to find a way to get cardio indoors because it rained ALL week during the times (after work) I was going to go running outside

Week 4
Crazy week in Colorado-I could not have been more exhausted when this week was over.  It was great to see all the athletes and people that I work with all in the same place, and we all know the love I have for the Colorado Springs OTC--but those were some of the longest days of my life.  I didn't make the best food choices this week--can we say gooey brownie cake and frozen yogert at the OTC?

Week 5
This week--still trying to recover on the sleep scale from last week--came home exhausted most days and couldn't get my sleeping scheudle back on track. I hope to use this weekend to rest and reset!

Bring on July--less moving, more unpacking, and puppies coming to live with me at the end of the month!