Friday, May 27, 2011


My planner ends this month and I cannot think of a time in my life where I have actually used my planner less!  I have started to transition to my online calendar because I am ALWAYS on my computer and nearly always have my phone or iPad with me if I am not.  I am about to bid goodbye to my planner so I decided to look at what was going on the first month I had this gem.  Since I have been a student for the past 21 years my planners have always run July-June [I think that is the best way, not sure I can make that adult transition to one that starts Jan 1, plus I would have to waste an entire half of an agenda].  In July 2010 here is a sampling of what I was doing:

-White House photos: assembling packages of photos for the Olympians--they got their photos taken with BO and MO while they were at the White House for there post Vancouver visit.
-Camping and Boating for the 4th of July
-Going to DC for a Federalist Society conference
-YOGs {Youth Olympic Games for those of you who don't live your life by abbreviations} (apparel, planning, conference calls)
-Helping Nicki pre-pack apparel for the Boxing Champs and volunteering for said Championships
-Interviewing my replacement
-Distributing commemorative watches to those who worked and competed in Vancouver
-Playing Goal Ball

It is hard to believe that my next agenda will start with my first big kid job--I can't wait!