Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Study Break

Yesterday was the first Monday in May, which means FREE REDBOX day!  Since I just finished an exam and was needing a little mental break, I went to redbox and rented this gem.  It was such a fantastic movie!  I didn't want it to end...  Movies about real people, and the things that happened in their life so long ago, are just so fascinating to me.  It was such a beautiful love story and it also made me think about letter writing because Victoria and Albert wrote so many letters to one another.  I think letter writing is one of the most romantic thing that has fallen by the wayside in our technological world.  Getting a letter is so much better than a text or an email, there is just something so personal about letters!  I will now try to write more letters to the people in my life (plus getting mail is so fun!) :)


Tom and Heather said...

I added this to our Netflix queue after I read this...can't wait to watch!