Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anxiety and Anticipation

Less than two weeks from today, my mom and I will be driving from Salt Lake City to Colorado Springs so that I can begin my adventure as an Intern for the USOC.  While I am really excited about it and really excited to get there and get working, I have this weird anxiety about it.

I've never really just picked up and moved for three months leaving the majority of my life somewhere else.  Yes, I went to college away from home but every summer I can home and worked at the Utah Olympic Park (UOP) and I have worked at the Park for part or all of every summer since that first year (2004).  I don't know what it is going to be like to not go back there and work for at least part of the summer.  It was my safety net, where I learned more about myself and met some of the most amazing people I know, and it has always felt like home to me.  No matter where I went, I knew that my UOP family was always there in the end.

Likewise I've always had two separate lives wherever I came and went.  I had a life at Michigan when I left for the summer, and it was still there (and more exciting) when I came back.  I also had a life at home with my UOP family and my skating friends.  My skating friends have now become my family out here and they are always there for me and I love them for that more than they probably know.  I don't have a life in Colorado Springs, and I am starting to realize that this is going to be like when I first went away to college and had to make all new friends.  I haven't had to do that in 7 years and that is what is making me anxious...  I really am ready to take this step but its the butterflies in my tummy that make me a little uneasy.

Just wanted to get that out in writing...  On the lighter side, my sunburn is turning to tan and I had the best week in Florida with my family!


Tom and Heather said...

Haley, you're such a darling lady and you'll win everyone over in no time. Not to mention that you're the best choice for this job, you're going to kick butt, and I'm sure you'll love every minute.
Go for it!