Saturday, February 14, 2009

World Cup: Park City

This afternoon, I went up to the UOP to visit Cassie because she was working all week [really hard] and I rarely saw her...  Plus I wanted to see Josh because I have not talked to him [in person] in forever!  So I took a picture, I said "pretend that you are working" and he got kinda mad because he has been sleeping at work in order to save driving time so that he could sleep during that time...  
Notice the cookies in his hands, I made cookies because I knew that the boys would be really tired and in need of a pick-me-up, so I made 6 dozen cookies and walked down the track after the first heat of the last race and handed them out.  They all looked really appreciative :)  I stuck around to see the awards because Cassie had to stay and we were going to hang out that night so here are some pictures from the rest of the event at the Park: 
World Cup Trophies: 4-man bobsled, combined 2 and 4-man, and overall World Cup winners
Team USA 3: 5th place!  Nice work boys! 

Team Holcomb [USA 1] won the race!

Then Cassie and I, went to dinner and to Harry O's with the bobsled boys [as chaperones] which was really fun, but I am still trying to recover from that night, it was the least I have slept in a REALLY long time (we're talking years...), but it was 100% worth it!


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