Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Just like Katie Bahr, I also secretly love tags, and she tagged whoever wanted to do the tag (and I haven't blogged in a while so here goes)

Ten Years ago I...
1. Was in the 7th grade at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High
2. Lived in Colorado Springs Colorado
3. Had been skating for 6 months
4. Was in love with David McKeever  (he had big ears and was super duper cute, for a 14 year old)
5.  Probably 7th grade homework of some kind...

5 Things on my To-Do List...
1.  Study for my contracts exam
2.  Clean the entire apartment (before Cassie get's home)
3.  Pack for Christmas
4.  Catch up on  scrap-booking
5.  Go to the gym (Thursday and Saturday)

5 snacks that I enjoy...
1.  fruit leather
2.  Peanut granola bars
3.  Rice Crispy Treats
4.  Popcorn
5.  apples

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire...
1.  Pay off all my student loans, and all the rest of law school
2.  Pay off my parents debt (mostly from my undergrad)
3.  Buy and furnish a house
4.  Set up trust funds for my future children
5.  Give the rest away

5 jobs I've had...
1.  UOP: Comet Store
2. University of Michigan Children's Center (pre school teacher)
3. University of Michigan Lawyer's Club (server)
4.  University of Michigan Business School (snack bar)
5.  OshKosh B'Gosh

5 places I've lived...
1. Salt Lake City, UT
2. Ann Arbor, MI
3. Park City, UT
4. Port Huron, MI
5. New Albany, MS

5 people I tag...
1.  Cassie
2.  Steph
3.  Emily
4.  Heather
5.  Erin