Monday, December 29, 2008


We went to Mississippi and Tennessee for Christmas this year and these are all the awesome presents I got (most times I say we because really Cassie and I share everything!)...

Platters and Knives for serving cheese (Mom and Dad)
Serving platter (matches the one I got last year)--Thanks Aunt Susan!

New perfume, lotion, and shea butter
New UGGs
This is one of my favorites!  I got new bed sheets ( i have had the old ones since the 8th grade!)  and they are monogrammed, of course!  I love them so much!
WE GOT A MICROWAVE!!  Ok Cassie got a microwave, but we share!
and a Panini maker! --Thanks Aunt Amy!!

I am so thankful for all the wonderful presents!  I really appreciate the generosity!  Cassie and I also got a Costco Membership from her parents, which is SO AWESOME, I filled up my car when we went today for $1.31!  It only took $12.50 to completely fill the tank!   THANKS REVELLIS!  When we went to Costco today it was kinda weird becuase it was the first time that we went alone, without a parent, it was funny, we ended up buying the most random things... 25 lbs of flour, and some make up remover wipes were the first things that we put in our cart...  It will take some getting used to shopping there but we are super excited!

Cassie also got me an apron, which I need since I randomly bake a lot and typically get stuff ALL over my clothes!  And she got me a Pashmina (so I will stop stealing hers!)

All in all it was an awesome Christmas, I am glad we got to go spend time with my great grandparents and see the rest of the family!  All the kids are growing up so fast (I bet that is what they are saying about me!)

Hope everyone had a great holiday and got to spend time with family and friends!!