Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tagged :)

Heather tagged me in her blog to write ten things that most people don't know about me, so here goes:

1. I love weddings! I love looking at the pictures in wedding magazines...dresses, flowers, rings you name it if it has to do with a wedding it is so interesting to me! In my next life, or maybe in a previous one, I think that I was a wedding planner. There is no way I could actually be a wedding planner because I would get to involved with the couples and not focus on what had to be done for the wedding. Plus, I'm not to good at being mean to people and sometimes you have to be really stern with vendors to make sure they give you what your client wants! (I need to work on being more stern, since I'm sure that is something I'll need in law school, or after)

2. I am obsessed with monograms. I think that it comes from being raised in the south and willingly having every thing that I owned either had my monogram or my name on it. I think that monograms are so classy and stylish. Referring back to number 1, you bet almost everything at my wedding will be monogrammed, to the point of being ridiculous :)


3. Organization is my best friend. I like for things to have a place and for everything to be in that place, at one point in college one of my friends came over and saw my room for the first time and asked me how many calendars I needed. I think we counted 5, I'm better now, but it can only get worse when law school starts...

4. I make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, according to my roommate and boys on the track crew. I perfected the recipe on the back of the Nestle Tollhouse bag so that they come out perfectly everytime. I do have a lot of practice making them since in my life I have a crew of 12-14 guys at work that love when I bake them treats, and in return they do whatever I want!! I love you, Track Crew :)

5. I've always wanted to change the color of my hair, but really I never would. I love the dark, dark brown that I've got going on and I think if I changed it I would not even recognize myself!

6. I have moved (from state to state) 9 times. See if you can keep up: Mississippi, Utah, Mississippi, Utah, Colorado, Michigan, Utah, Michigan, South Carolina, Utah. It would be more if you counted all the times I moved home while in college, like three more Utah/Michigan moves. I hated moving around when I was a kid because I never really had a "hometown" so when people ask me where I am from its the beginning of a huge story!

7. When my skating team was competing in London, I passed out on the ice from dehydration! I haven't passed out since then (or before), but I just didn't drink enough water, since then I down bottles and bottles of water when I fly!

8. I am allergic to aloe. The plant that is supposed to provide relief from sunburns, makes be break out and look really attractive. We discovered this on a family ski trip, I got a really bad sunburn and we put aloe all over my face, and it broke out SO badly! I walked around with my face covered for the next 3 days...since then I don't touch the stuff, it could have been just a bad reaction but I don't want to risk looking like that again!!

9. I like writing the letter "y". I have decided that some of my kids have to have names with "y"s in them because I love writing that letter, I don't like uppercase y's just lowercase ones...

10. I own more dresses than jeans/pants/shorts. I love dresses and if given the option I would much rather wear a dress than any form of pant. I trace that back to growing up in the south too. I consider myself a southern belle, a little out of her element here in Utah...

Ok, there are my ten things, your turn: Cassie, Steph, Katie Bahr, Holly, Mary Heather, Flem (if you still have a blog!)...Those are all my friends with blogs! Have fun :)


Tom and Heather said...

I love it all! I want a daughter named Shelby...that's a good y name, huh? Anyway, I can't believe you skated in London! Was that with the Angelzz? The dehydration thing is crazy. Good thing you're tough!