Monday, July 7, 2008

Skating Reunion

Last week we had our annual tri-birthday dinner. This year we decided to make it more of a reunion event and invited all the girls we used to skate with to come and have dinner. Mimi's Cafe seems to be the place for these get togethers so why change?

It was really great to see everyone, I don't get to see those girls very often so it was nice to see them. Kelly and Tamera were there and I haven't seen them since I graduated from high school (5 years ago!) So it was great to see everyone and we had a great dinner and catching up time.

And Cassie and I are done moving! Now it's time for un-packing!


Matt & Melissa said...

I would have loved to be there and see you guys, too bad I am not visiting till Christmas. I hope the moving is going well.

Tom & Heather said...

I'm so bummed to have missed it! You guys were so nice to invite me. We ended up coming out for the fourth of July...too late! We'll have to be sure to grab breakfast around Christmas or something so I can see you all.