Saturday, April 26, 2008

Make a Wish Conference

I went to the Make a Wish Volunteer Re-commit conference today. It was amazing and so inspiring! The opening was cool and the first session I went to was about dealing with difficult people and it was great! So many new insights and ways to deal with people, I learned alot in that session. The next session was about getting over the fear of fundraising, which I went to because I hate asking people for money. It so cool because I came away with a whole new way of thinking. I used to think about fund raising like this: "If it were my job it would be so much easier" then today I thought why don't I just think of it like it is my job?!? So simple right? Well I think that it is going to work so much better!

The thing I think was the most inspiring was the Wish Family presentation, which always make me cry! But it was a great family and super cool story. Also we recognized the volunteers and the years that they have served Make a Wish. The most years of service was 18 and he completed his 100th wish this year! I thought that was so amazing!!

It was a great way to spend a Saturday!