Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of April aka Josh's Birthday

Today is Josh's Birthday, he turned the big 2-1! To celebrate Cassie and I got some balloons and set up a mini birthday party in track ops where Josh works. We made a cake and cupcakes because those guys can put away the baked goods. Then we went to dinner tonight at Mikado, a sushi/japanese place. It was really good! He's going to my parents house this weekend to celebrate with them in South Carolina, and if you know anything about our situation, that is a HUGE blessing!

Today was also really fun at work because I got to babysit Zoey, my boss' daughter, most of the day. She is such a sweetheart and I miss hanging out with kids. I forget how much fun being a preschool teacher was! We played most of the afternoon and then she was so sad when she had to go home, and I felt terrible when she cried and wanted to stay and hang out with me...

I hope that everyone had a great April and if you're like me you're so ready for May and SPRING!